May 3, 2007
Lectrosonics Announces New Tech at NAB

Here's a quick run-down on the changes:

  • UM450: Brand new Digital Hybrid Wireless™ belt-pack transmitter with a current-servo input and 250mW RF output for exceptional range and resistance to interference.

  • UM400a: a new version of Lectrosonics’ most popular transmitter, is also gaining the current-servo input circuit originally developed for the SM Series. The new input enables a wider range of microphone sensitivities and provides a straightforward microphone wiring method.
  • SMa 100mW transmitter, SMDa dual-battery unit, and SMQa 250mW transmitter: a variable high-pass filter has been added with control via the front panel menus. Please not that like the "+10db" models of these transmitters, the gain on the "A" variation is also 10 db higher than the original SM transmitters. The only difference between the +10dB model SM/SMD/SMQ transmitter and the new "A" variation is that the A models now have the ability to choose your high pass filter cutoff.

  • MM400C: the formerly removable antenna connector (SMA) has been replaced by a newly developed, fixed antenna to increase the water resistance for the most severe weather and environmental conditions.

See the original press release here, or read the relevant Lectro FAQ's for more details!

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