October 26, 2006
Telecine Seminar this Saturday!

Mention “Telecine Problems” to most production sound mixers and producers and they break out into a cold sweat. No other part of the post-production process has the potential to cause as many cost over-runs, headaches and finger-pointing as audio “issues” that arise in the telecine session. This seminar seeks to eliminate this anxiety and prevent costly mistakes from happening BEFORE the telecine session.

The first step to ensure a smooth session is communication; this seminar is a collaboration between Gotham and PostWorks New York, bringing together Sound Mixers, Telecine Technicians and Production Managers to discuss the new workflows for file-based audio recorders.

Specific topics we will address are:

  • Different types of telecine sessions: Sync-In-Session vs. Post-Sync vs. Sync in Avid/FCP
  • Telecine with Viper Cam & Genesis Cam
  • 48 KHz vs. 48.048 KHz workflow – benefits & caveats
  • Troubleshooting: Handy Formulas, Possible Problems, Offset vs. Drift
  • EDLs and Flex Files and why they’re important
  • Labeling, Sound Reports, and maintaining open communication.

We hope that by sharing ideas and methods and encouraging communication, these tutorials will benefit all facets of the production and post-production departments.

In addition to PostWorks and Gotham, the following people are scheduled to take part in the panel discussion:

  • Irene Burns – Post Production Supervisor, currently Associate Producer on NBC’s prime-time comedy “30 Rock”
  • Steve Borne – Supervising Sound Editor, currently on ABC’s prime-time drama “Knights of Prosperity”
  • Bob Lovejoy & Matt Wolford- Colorists, Shooters Post & Transfer, production sound mixer.

The webcast will be viewable from here. It will also be accessible from our website, www.gothamsound.com.

Telecine Seminar this Saturday!
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