February 7, 2006
Field Audio Kits
by Nick Huston

February 1, 2006 Source: Studio Monthly

With the introduction of file-based recorders and the coming of age of wireless microphones, productions demand more and more tracks to be able to manipulate audio after the fact. These portable packages were put together with this in mind.

Documentary Package
Indie Feature Package
Feature Film Package

Documentary Package ($425/day)

Add-on for wireless to camera:

Nick Says Keep In Mind...
This package is designed to be ultra portable with maximum flexibility. The Sound Devices 744T was chosen for its small size, 40 GB unpartitioned hard drive, and high durability. These let you record 14 tracks of 48k 24-bit for more than 14 hours straight. The 744T can also simultaneously record to a Compact Flash card, giving you an incredibly robust solid state media for intensive run and gun shooting or those bumpy roads in cars. When the hard drive fills up, simply send your audio information to a hard drive or DVD via the FireWire on your laptop. This is generally done at the end of each day.


Independent Film Package ($560/day)


  • PSC or Magliner Sound Cart and DAT backup
Nick Says Keep In Mind...
This package is designed to be relatively compact for one-man banding as well as a stationary setup for a two-person sound crew. The Fostex PD-6 recorder has a built in 6-channel mixer and a camera breakaway connector for up to six microphones to be recorded on separate tracks while sending a mix out to a video camera and/or a back- up recorder. The PD-6 records to DVD-RAM and hard drive simultaneously, which lets you keep a backup while sending the DVD-RAM to post production at the end of the day.


Feature Film Package ($1300/day)


Nick Says Keep In Mind...
Designed for cart based production, this package allows you to record a maximum number of tracks to two recorders, while keeping the cart as compact as possible. Both the Aaton Cantar and the Zaxcom Deva V record directly to an 80GB internal hard drive and copy to a full size DVD-RAM while idle, allowing you to have more tracks and longer record times on a disc while having the internal hard drive as a backup. As an upgrade for true redundancy, we provide either a Fostex DV824 or MetaCorder system. The Fostex DV824 is similar to the PD-6 in that it records to both DVD and hard drive simultaneously. While the MetaCorder is a Macintosh laptop based software recording system giving you maximum flexibility to record to any medium that a computer can.

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