November 2, 2005
Tascam Unveils New Recorder and Workstation

There were a number of great products introduced at AES last month, but two products that stood out were the Tascam HD-P2 High Definition Portable Stereo Recorder and the Tascam X-48 Audio Recording Workstation.

The HD-P2 is a two channel, 24 bit 192 KHz Compact Flash recorder with time code/sync capability for under $1,000 retail.

The list of features that you get for your money is impressive:

  • XLR mic inputs with phantom power and analog peak limiter
  • Unbalanced stereo RCA I/O
  • S/PDIF digital I/O
  • Headphone output
  • Built-in mono microphone and speaker for desktop interview applications
  • FireWire interface for fast data transfer to a computer
  • SMPTE/LTC timecode input on locking XLR balanced jack Timestamps Broadcast WAVE recordings from SMPTE input
  • Chase locks to incoming SMPTE timecode
  • Video clock input resolves to house clock Tri-level sync
  • Support for HDTV applications includes Frame Lock, Lock and Release and flexible Freewheel settings for unpredictable timecode sources
  • Pull-up and Pull-down sample rates included for video format compatibility
  • Angled screen for table-top or shoulder strap use
  • Recessed Compact Flash slot
  • Runs on (8) AA batteries or DC power Approximately 5.5 hours of operating time on battery power
  • Less than 2 lbs WITH batteries!

Did I mention that it retails for under $1000?

This recorder will be a workhorse for those sound mixers needing a fast, portable and rugged solution for recording audio for video, film, news and effects. Kudos to Tascam for making the time code "option" as easy as supplying your own time code generator. Gotham will be offering HD-P2 packages bundled with a 4 Gig CF card, a Denecke SB-T, and a Portabrace case. Stay tuned for details.

At the opposite end of the spectrum is the X-48 Audio Recording Workstation. The X-48 is part recorder, part workstation and (with optional control surface) part mixer. It is essentially a turn-key audio computer, combining the stability of purpose built hardware with software that can evolve as users' needs change. It's impressive features can be split into two categories:

  • Multitrack Recording Features:
  • 48-track digital recording at up to 96kHz/24-bit
  • 24-track recording at 192kHz/24-bit
  • 32-bit floating point audio file recording and playback with no loss of track count
  • Advanced integrated synchronization and machine control, including HDTV tri-level sync
  • Time-stamped Broadcast WAVE file format
  • Built-in 80GB hard drive
  • Built-in DVD+RW for backup, transfer and restore
  • Modular I/O (Analog, AES, ADAT) for complete flexibility
  • 12.5% varispeed
  • Grid-style editing


Workstation/Mixing Features:

  • Turn-key operation: no software conflicts to troubleshoot
  • Graphic user interface for editing, mixing, plug-ins and meters can be displayed on any VGA monitor
  • 48-channel mixing at 96kHz / 24 channels at 192kHz
  • 32-bit floating point mixer resolution
  • 6 stereo returns (60 inputs at mixdown)
  • 24 busses, 6 aux sends, stereo master buss
  • Full dynamic automation
  • Dynamics, 4-band parametric EQ and 4 VST plug-in inserts per channel

Stay tuned for pricing and availability.

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