November 2, 2005
Aaton Cantars On!

At the recent AES Convention in New York, Aaton announced a significant price reduction of its flagship 8 track hard drive recorder effective immediately.  They also announced availability of the long awaited Lithium Batteries and a new firmware that unlocks some exciting new features for the recorder.

The new Lithium Batteries significantly reduce the weight of the machine and under normal operating conditions last up to 25% longer.  These batteries make a huge difference in cold weather situations, lasting significantly longer than NiCd and NiMh batteries.  Combined with the already low power consumption of the Cantar, two Lithium Batteries can run for up to 18 hours.


In addition to a few minor bug fixes, V1.51 of the Aaton Cantar provides two new powerful functions.  Individual track names can be entered via the Cantar’s jog wheel or by Blue Tooth and saved in an iXML chunk for later use.  The iXML chunk is particularly useful for use with Final Cut Pro, which can not directly read timecode off of a .BWF file.  When read into Final Cut Pro, the iXML file loads all the files recorded on the Cantar including their timecode settings and metadata, saving hours of time in file converting and labeling. 


And for those users who are frustrated with finding settings in the Cantar, especially when changing setups say between a film job and a video job, Cantar can now save and load user preferences.  These preferences can be loaded onto a PC or Pocket PC stored, edited, and then loaded back onto the Cantar.


These features come in addition to its already impressive array of features including:

-Recording 8 tracks to two firewire hard drives (Internal and External) while mirroring to an internal Fostex compatible DVD-RAM disc for delivery to post.

-Full Bluetooth connectivity, including easy scene and take naming, input/output routing, and the ability to view track record levels; all from across the room!


To find out more about the Aaton Cantar-X or to arrange a personal demonstration please contact Gotham Sound and Communications – 212.629.9430 – or click HERE for a quote.

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