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December 27, 2004
Zaxcom reduces Stereo ENG Wireless price until January 15th

Two Channel ENG Receiver:

The Zaxcom ENG Receiver is compatible with any of our Digital Wireless Transmitters. Designed to be mounted to a camera or used in a sound bag, it is physically smaller, has lower power consumption and can be powered either internally with 4 AA Lithium batteries or externally with a 12V power supply.

ENG Wireless can be ordered in mono or stereo versions. One great benefit in using the ENG receiver with our Stereoline Transmitter is that while monitoring a broadcast camera only one receiver needs to be mounted to receive both channels, reducing both the number of frequencies required, and the weight of the camera.

Zaxcom's Stereoline Wireless model transmits two channels of audio at 16kHz and has 2 separate microphone connectors.

Two Channel ENG Stereoline Transmitter:

The transmitter is approximately one half inch taller then the Goldline. The unit is powered either internally by AA Lithium Ion or rechargeable NiMH batteries or externally via a 12v power input.

The Stereoline can be operated in two different modes, either a stereo transmission consisting of two channels at 16kHz bandwidth or as a mono transmission or 16kHz using our Clothing Noise Reduction software.

Its 100% digital modulation provides audio quality and transmission reliability unmatched by any other wireless system. This frequency agile transmitter operates on any UHF frequency between 500 and 850 MHz with a maximum bandwidth of 200 KHz. The unit is compatible with standard Zaxcom digital receivers.

Clothing Noise Reduction software transmits a mono signal from the microphone with the clearest sound by seamlessly cross-fading between the two microphones. This software should be requested at the time of your order and is provided by Zaxcom free of charge. While using Clothing Noise Reduction software the transmission is mono with a bandwidth of 16kHz.

Receiver Specifications:

•Microphone level: -30dBm
•Line level: -10dBm
•Analog Headroom: 20db
•Analog D to A: 24bit
•Analog Audio Output Connector: balanced 3 pin XLR mono mode or balanced 5 pin XLR stereo mode
•AES I/O: not available
•Maximum Distortion: .01%
•Antenna connector: SMA Female
•Receiver Type: True diversity single conversion Digital Demodulator
•Frequency Stability: +/-2ppm
•Frequency Ranges: 500-870 MHz (must be ordered in 25 MHZ blocks)
•System Dynamic Range: 105db
•Analog Frequency Responce: 30Hz to 16kHz
•Size: 1.25" x 4.75" x 3.25"
•Power: Internal Battery: 4 AA w//tentative run time of 4 hours External: 12V @ 200ma

Transmitter Specifications:

RF power output: low 3mW, 10mW or 25mW, mid 50mW, high 100mW
Size: 0.68" thick x 2.2" wide x 3.25" tall
Weight: 6.1 oz (w/batteries)
Battery Type: 2 disposable AA Lithium Ion or 2 Rechargeable AA NiMH
Battery Life: 6 hrs using Lithium Ion or 4 hrs using NiMH
Additional Power: 12v power input


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