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Great Moments in Sound History
Producer, inventor, and author Lenny Lipton expresses his regard for sound and those who mix it this way:

There is something about recording sound that lends itself to coolness and detachment. Hearing seems to take place deep inside the head, something fostered by those damn earphones you have to wear to ensure success. They may let you hear what the tape hears, but they create a barrier between the sound person and the world...

Sound stands in a stepchild relationship to image. The sound person doesn't often get praised for recording brilliant sound. It just rarely happens that anybody recognizes the importance of excellent sound until they hear really loused-up recordings. Superlatives are saved for great photography.

Lipton on Recording by Lenny Lipton (1979)

A special tip of the hat to Danny Michael for submitting this great moment.

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Sound Mixers in Love
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Great Moments in Sound History

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