Sales Specials
Sound Devices Fully Loaded and Ready to Ship!
We have the latest Sound Devices recorders in stock with the 2.0 software and hardware upgrades installed. We also have the optional DVD RAM-burner upgrades ready to go. Order your 744T, 722, 702, or 702T today!
Sennheiser HD201 Headphones Deal!
Buy 5 for $79.95! Take advantage of this limited time offer and save over $60 on these powerful, cost-effective headphones.
Bring Out Your 211 and 201 systems!
There's never been a better time to gently retire your Lectrosonics 211 and 201 systems and step up to digital wireless. Bring 'em on in to Gotham and use them as a trade-in towards a brand new UM400 and UCR401 wireless system with even better range and reliability.
Sales Specials
Tips and Tricks
Happy Holidays from Gotham!
The Broadcast Wave File in Film and Television Production
December 13th is Meet the Edirol R-4 Pro Day!
Sound Devices Fully Loaded and Ready to Ship!
New Freq on the Block
Fostex Timecode Tip
Sennheiser HD201 Headphones Deal!
Mainlining Adrenaline
Bring Out Your 211 and 201 systems!
Thanks to everyone who attended our seminar!
Great Moments in Sound History!

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