Happy Holidays from Gotham!

December 13th is Meet the Edirol R-4 Pro Day!
Wednesday, December 13th, 1pm - 4pm is Meet the Edirol R-4 Pro day at Gotham Sound, with Tom Stephenson, director of Technology at Edirol/Roland on site available to answer your questions! We will also stream his presentation on the web, and answer question from the web audience via live, interactive chat.
New Freq on the Block
Lectrosonics has announced it's adding an additional block as an option for the SM & UM450 transmitters. Block 944 will cover a small 8 MHZ band from 944-952, perfect for bag to camera links. We've even got some brand new charts showing the RF activity in this block in our New York frequency charts.
Thanks to everyone who attended our seminar!
In case you missed it, we've posted the video of the proceedings here:
Great Moments in Sound History!

George Groves is credited as being the first production sound mixer. He worked in New York in 1925 for Western Electric and later Warner Brothers and recorded on the "Vitaphone" (a disc recorder in the phonographic sense). Recording at Vitograph Studios in Brooklyn was problematic due to subway noise and pigeons (the latter dealt with using a large pole, the former - well, you know how it is), and so production was moved to the Manhattan Opera House, where they experienced a different noise problem:

When Reinald Werrenrath was to be recorded in a woodland setting, a resourceful member of the technical staff brought in a boxful of field crickets for sound effects and some of them escaped. Entomological note: crickets are difficult to locate and sing loudest when the director says 'Quiet'!

For a lot more on the redoubtable George Groves, check out, a fantastic online tribute with anecdotes, pictures, media clips, and more.

Below: The set of La Fiesta (1926) at the Manhattan Opera House. George Grove mixed it from six floors above with cables wired through the ventilation system. Click the picture for more information on this impressive rig.


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Happy Holidays from Gotham!
The Broadcast Wave File in Film and Television Production
December 13th is Meet the Edirol R-4 Pro Day!
Sound Devices Fully Loaded and Ready to Ship!
New Freq on the Block
Fostex Timecode Tip
Sennheiser HD201 Headphones Deal!
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Bring Out Your 211 and 201 systems!
Thanks to everyone who attended our seminar!
Great Moments in Sound History!

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