Sales Specials
Sennheiser HD-201 Headphone Deal!
Buy 5 for $84.95! Take advantage of this limited time offer and save over $60 on these powerful, cost-effective headphones.
MKH60 Sale!
This quality, lightweight Sennheiser shotgun microphone, which normally retails for $1700, can now be yours for a cool $1395! Call or e-mail us today, or see the full details here.
Sales Specials
Tips and Tricks
Sennheiser HD-201 Headphone Deal!
Field Audio Kits
Survey, you say?
MKH60 Sale!
How to Choose a Lectrosonics Wireless Frequency
Gotham congratulates our Oscar nominated clients!

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Issue 3
December 20, 2005
Vol. 1 Issue 3
Gotham Gazette Holiday Special
December 5, 2005
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September 1, 2005
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Post NAB Highlight Show
April 19, 2005
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December 27, 2004
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