May 2017
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5 Camping Essentials You Canít Leave Behind
Donít forget to pack these crucial supplies for your camping trip

Now that the weather is finally nice and warm, itís time to engage in one of the most enjoyable outdoor activities imaginable: camping. Camping allows you to explore the wonderful nature that can be found throughout our country.

However, as enjoyable as a camping trip can be, it can also quickly become a disaster if you leave behind the right supplies. No matter if you are staying in a tent or an RV, you need to make sure you bring the right supplies with you on your trip.

Before you begin any camping excursion, donít forget to first pack these five camping essentials.


The ideal condition for camping involves bright, sunny weather. However, in these ideal conditions, there is plenty of risk from the sunís ultraviolet rays.

In order to avoid painful and dangerous sunburn, you will want to pack a decent amount of sunscreen. If you are planning to engage in extended outdoor activities, REI recommends some of the heavy duty stuff, such as SPF 30 sunscreen. For additional protection from the harsh rays of the sun, Bass Pro Shops suggests bringing along a pair of sunglasses.

Rain gear

Even the best laid schemes can often go awry, especially when nature is involved. Although you might have checked the weather report to ensure that no stormy weather was on its way, nature has a way of throwing curveballs at campers.

To ensure that you are not left soaked, bring some rain gear on your trip. Ponchos are a pretty good choice, but a permanent rain jacket is even better. If you have the proper rain gear, not even a sudden shower can ruin your camping trip.

Bottled water

Speaking of water, you can find the stuff scattered throughout forests and woods in the form of lakes and streams. However, itís not a great idea to drink that water, as it is far from purified.

Instead, remember to take a supply of bottled water along with you on your journeys. The bottled water will be safe for you to drink. Furthermore, a constant supply of water will help prevent you and your fellow campers from becoming dehydrated, which the National Park Service states is especially important if you choose to go hiking.


When youíre camping out in nature, thereís not going to be a whole lot of man-made light in the nearby vicinity. The only things to light up the forest at night are the moon and the stars.

Therefore, if you want to increase your visibility at night, you should pack a flashlight along with your other supplies. Make sure that it is fully functional and produces a good amount of light so that it can help you navigate your way in the dark. Donít forget to bring along some spare batteries as well, lest you be left with a flashlight without any fuel.

First aid kit

Safety is a prime concern for campers above all else. Unfortunately, accidents can happen, so it is vital that you come prepared for any situation.

In order to best respond to emergency situations, make sure that you bring a fully-stocked first aid kit with you while you camp. According to REI, this first aid kit should be filled with essential supplies, such as bandages, antibacterial ointments and pain-relief medication. You might not be able to prevent accidents, but you can safely respond to them with a good first aid kit at your disposal.

With the right supplies in your camping arsenal, you will be ready to safely explore the wilderness.

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