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Consultant Spotlight

Nona Persons of Phoenix, AZ


Terri Harrington of Phoenix, AZ

Fragrance Consultants Nona Persons, Terri Harrington and team (Phoenix, AZ) are huge supporters of the Prayer Child Foundation, and we can’t thank them enough for everything they do. 
On Friday, April 19, they will be holding their 3rd Annual Prayer Child Bunco event. Over the past two years this event has collected a whopping $7,700 for the Prayer Child Foundation! This fun-filled get-together is focused around the fast-paced game of Bunco, but attendees enjoy other activities as well. Guests can shop Candles for Kids, Prayer Child jewelry or the snack bar (which includes light dinner options). They can also participate in raffles for incredible prizes donated by Consultants and local businesses.
If you’re interested in learning more about this event, you can check out the website ( Yes, these ladies even created a website for this event! Thank you so much Nona, Terri and team for helping us change the lives of so many children in need.

March Madness Deals
This Just In—The Limit Has Been Removed!

Spring Whimsy. Polka Dot Darlings. Scent Soulmates. No matter which you or your customers pick, you are going to LOVE our newest March Madness deals. Check out the March Madness Flyer at the links below for all the details and get the word out right away. You can order as many as you want, but hurry! These deals only last through March 29 while supplies last. Now that the limit has been removed, they are sure to go fast! 
March Madness Flyer - US

Destination: Summer Road Trip

Your Gold Canyon Sales Team is hitting the open road for two weeks of fast and furious fun! Our BIGGEST road show and giveaway ($1,500 in product at each stop) ever, Destination: Summer Road Trip, is coming to a town near you this April. Over 3,500 people are already registered to attend. Now is your chance to join them!
As a bonus, we promised to send a special guest from the home office to the meeting in each region with the most registered attendees. Those lucky cities are …
Region Winner Home Office Special Guest
Canada Edmonton Gail Peppmeier
Central Elgin, IL Gail Peppmeier
Southwest Clovis, CA   Gail Peppmeier
East Harrisburg, PA Scott Brown
West Peoria, AZ Lynae Parrott & Kim Geringer
Congratulations to the Western Peoria, AZ meeting for having the most registered attendees overall. As an extra bonus, we will be sending two special guests to your meeting! The contest may be over, but registration is still open!
Click here to find the meeting closest to you and register.

NEW! Two Updates for Your Business Announced this Week!

Price Increase for Select Products Effective with the Summer 2013 Catalog

You deserve a raise! It’s been five-plus years since we last raised prices, but effective with the Summer 2013 Catalog, the Bella®, CAFÉ and Heritage® candle lines will see a price increase. Prices are being increased at this time to offset several years’ worth of cost increases on the components that make up “The World’s Finest”® products. This price increase will allow your home office to live up to its commitment to provide “The World’s Finest” support and services you deserve. A price increase also means higher commission for you, and higher PV for all those incentive requirements like Gold Canyon incentive trips and the Let’s Go Shopping Incentive! As you know from experience, regardless of the cost, Gold Canyon is hands down “The World’s Finest” and remains an excellent value. A little known fact: Gold Canyon’s major competitors charge 15 cents to 19 cents per burn hour for the equivalent of a Large Heritage candle. Even with our new prices, our incredible value continues, as Gold Canyon’s new pricing weighs in at a highly competitive US 11 cents /CDN 13 cents per burn hour for the same sized candle! Since you have some time before the price increase goes into effect (May 1), be sure to let all your customers know to stock up on their favorite Bella, CAFÉ and Heritage now and enjoy a PV bump for the month of April. Please note that this price increase does not affect spring/summer fundraising products.
Hasta La Vista, Peanuts!
No more vacuuming and picking static-clinging peanut fragments out of your hair every time you receive an order! We are pleased to share that we’ve conducted extensive testing on a new, improved packing material option that has proven effective in safe-guarding against breakage. The best part? There are no Styrofoam peanuts involved! While we deplete our existing supply of packing materials, you may receive some shipments with peanuts, but overall, you’ll see that we’ll be transitioning to the new shipping material in the coming weeks. 

Register for Convention by March 31 to Save $$$$ and Win Big!

You know you want to go, so what are you waiting for? Register for Convention by March 31 and save yourself some money! Register this month for just $189 and take advantage of monthly payments, too. Don’t forget that if you’ve never gone before, you can ask your upline if they have a spare Commitment to Convention voucher you can use to register for just $99! With all-star training, recognition at Awards Evening, The Company Store and the Holiday 2013 Product Showcase why wouldn’t you want to come? Not to mention all the cool prizes you’ll be in the running to win. Everyone who attends Convention is entered into the Convention Grand Prize Drawing, but if you register by March 31, you’ll receive three extra entries! That’s three extra chances to win a $2,000 Travelocity vacation, a Dell Home Office, an Apple iPad2, a $350 gift card or a free trip to Convention 2014. Don’t miss the ultimate pep rally! Register today for Convention 2013.

Get Your Free Supplies
Ends March 31

We know how much you love free stuff. Who doesn’t? That’s why we’re giving away summer supplies—and a Host Exclusive item! Check out the flyer and see what it takes to get a jump on your summer sales with a free 2013 Summer Sampler Set, a set of Summer 2013 Catalogs and even a Gold Canyon first: a Host Exclusive Scent Pod® Warmer. The Host Exclusive Warmer is a big surprise until the official release of the Summer 2013 Catalog, but you know you’re going to want it! The earning period is almost over! See how close you are by checking your point total on Essentials OnLine under “Looking for More Reports?” 

Fundraising Promotion—Only 5 Days Left
Get Your Orders in Before the Deadline

Trend Talk
Decorating with Layers

We’ve added to our guide It’s All About the Layers! Use this nine-page Trend Talk to help your customers visualize the endless designer style combinations by mixing and matching Gold Canyon favorite pieces with seasonal touches. 

Insider Tip: When we see how pieces work together, we have to have the complete look! Give your Party guests a taste of how much fun it is to layer by giving them the opportunity to get their hands on all of our fabulous products. 

April Fools' Is Just around the Corner
Hint, Hint—Consultants with a Personal Website

You know us! When April Fools’ Day rolls around, we typically have something up our sleeves. This year is no different! To heighten the anticipation for this year’s April Fools’ e-mail (and get your wheels turning), we thought it would be fun to let you in on the prank (that may or may not be a prank). Just kidding … We can’t tell you because that would ruin all the fun! This is why we will be keeping the customer e-mail a secret (even from you) until April 1. To make sure you are in the know before your customers receive their e-mail, check your inbox for Rewards in Action EARLY on Monday morning. The first article will let you in on all the fun!  

A Prayer Child Story

Katie Ortega
Acute Myeloid Leukemia

Katie suffered from what she thought was a head-ache for two straight weeks. When bruising began to appear all over her body, she made a trip to her pediatrician who sent her straight to the emergency room. There, Katie had a CT scan and several blood tests. Hours later, her family was told she had Acute Myeloid Leukemia. This is a very quickly progressing type of leukemia. No time could be wasted, so they immediately transferred Katie to an L.A. hospital three hours away from home.


Once her bone marrow test was completed, she started her first of four chemotherapy treatments. Each treatment lasts about a month with a 16-day rest/rehabilitation period in between. The doctors have told Katie she will be missing her first semester of her senior year of high school. As of now, she has finished her first treatment of chemotherapy and is doing very well. Even without her long brown hair, her smile shines through more beautifully than ever. We pray Katie will make a full recovery and spend the remainder of her senior year at school with her friends.


When you sell Candles for Kids and encourage your customers to round up their orders, YOU are helping children like Katie. We invite you to visit to learn what else you can do to help the Prayer Child Foundation. Together, we are making a difference.

Welcome, New Consultants!


175 new Fragrance Consultants
joined our Gold Canyon family in the last few weeks! 

New Consultants,

We invite each and every one of you to dream big with us to make your dreams a reality. Congratulations on your new business! We are all here to support you every step of the way! 
Click here to see a list of all our new Consultants who enrolled 3/17/13 - 3/23/13.

Current Incentives

Looking for a simple way to see all the incentives available? Check out the incentive chart below to easily see what's going on. Click on the incentive name for more information on each incentive.
Incentive Name Reward Eligible Consultants
Earning Period
Let's Go Shopping

Shopping Spree 

 All Consultants

 2/1/13 - 7/31/13

Earn Your Summer Supplies

Summer Sales Supplies

All Consultants

March 2013

Promote to Premier

$100 Gift Card

Fragrance & Senior Consultants
Leadership Summit

Registration & Cash for Trip to Las Vegas

All Consultants

Curt's Sponsor 48 Challenge

$5,000 & $10,000

All Consultants


Gold Dollars

All New Consultants and Uplines

Founder's Invitation

Trip to Costa Rica

All Consultants

1/31/13 - 12/31/13
Car Program

Allowance for
Car Payment

All Consultants

Recognition Program

Various Awards

All Consultants



New Date for Business Improvement Call: April 4

The Business Improvement call originally scheduled for Thursday, March 28 has moved to Thursday, April 4. In between your end-of-month Parties, baking Easter goodies and shopping for basket surprises, think about what questions you may have about your Gold Canyon Business. Then, take a break to e-mail your questions to so Curt can be sure to address them on April 4. This call is all about what’s important to you. Let your voice be heard! See the Upcoming Training & Events section below for call details.

Upcoming Training & Events

Click "Full Story" below to see a list of upcoming trainings and events.


Tips & Tricks from Gold Canyon University

Now's the time to get those April Parties booked, so why not honor the Mothers in your midst with one of these Mother's Day theme Parties?

Print invitation to Perfectly Pampered Moms Party

Don’t forget to update your sponsoring basket for your April Parties and invite everyone to “Shower themselves with the gift of Gold Canyon!”

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