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When you promote to any level for the first time in June, you and your promoting upline can capture your dreams in Gold Canyon branded pillowcases and wrap them up in a Gold Canyon branded blanket. Get all three! They’re perfect for snuggling up with a four-legged friend like Beau.

Check out all the details! (English)

Check out all the details! (Español)


Happy Birthday to us … Happy Birthday to us … Happy Birthday Gold Canyon … Happy Birthday to us!

That’s right, as we mentioned last month, June is our birthday month. That means we’re making June a Birthday Booking Bonanza! If you were on the big call with Gail last month, you got all the nitty-gritty details. But, for those who missed it, here’s the 411!

Happy Birthday Wishes
Let your Hosts know to answer their phone during any June Mixer with the phrase “Happy Birthday, Gold Canyon!” If it’s us calling, they could win $50 in free product. Oh, and you’ll get a FREE July Host Special, too!

Book, Hold and Win
Throughout the month of June, for each Mixer you book and hold, you’ll be entered to win one of our birthday present prizes, like a $50, $100, $250, or even a $350 gift card!

More PV = More You Can Win
And since we don’t think it’s enough to reward you for booking and holding those awesome Mixers, we’ve got prizes for their success, too!

Want the rest of the details on each of these? Check out the announcement on Scentral Hub.

Palooza is coming and June 15th, the deadline to register*, is FAST approaching! Don’t miss your chance to get in on this business-boosting event. And just in case you were wondering what’s so special about Gold Canyon’s Palooza, check this out!

Dotty Boutique: It’s back! This year we’ll have some of our hottest picks and brand-new favorites to show off your dotty style.

What's Going On: Wanna know what 2015 Gold Canyon Palooza is all about? What better way than to check out the schedule of events!

Warehouse Manufacturing Tour: Have you ever been on a special, behind-the-scenes tour before? How about with Gold Canyon? Even if you’ve been on the Gold Canyon Tour in the past, you’ve never experienced a tour like this! We're changing things up this year by pulling back the curtain and revealing secrets that have never been revealed before. You’ll see what happens from the time you click submit to the minute your order leaves our warehouse. This is the hands-on tour you've been dreaming of! Some lucky Consultants will even be selected to create their very own candle to take home as a one-of-a-kind souvenir. And to make this tour even better, this is also the ONLY way to get your hands on a never-before-produced, custom Palooza poured candle. That’s right. This is a one-time offer, guys and gals. Once this candle is gone, it’s GONE.

Note: All tour attendees must wear flat, closed-toed, closed-back shoes. Sneakers recommended.

Check out the "Full Story" for a quick sneak-peek video of this unique warehouse tour!

*Deadline includes transferring the attendance to someone else.


As if June being our birthday month wasn’t enough to make us all jittery with excitement, we’ve got another reason to celebrate. We’ve just finished the photo shoot for our Fall/Winter 2015 Catalog. The catalog won’t be available until this year’s Palooza, but, since we’re almost bursting at the seams with excitement, we’ll give you a little behind-the-scenes peek at what’s coming. Remember, though—it's just a peek!


Bring those ships in from the storm with June’s Host Special, the super-tall 21-inch Lighthouse Lantern. Even better? June Hosts will also have access to this special for hosting a Mixer of just $250. Want more? Hosts also get $25 in Host Credits, DOUBLE the number of half-off items and free shipping on all your Host Rewards!

Book them now. June is an amazing month for your next Mixer.

June Host Specials (U.S.)

June Host Specials (CDN)

los Reuniones para Junio

Think you’re ready for a smackdown? How about a Triple Threat VANILLA Smackdown? In June, customers save 20% on the Summer Heritage Sets, featuring the Triple Threat VANILLA Smackdown, Easy, Breezy, Fruity & Fizz and Smitten with Mints. Each one of these luscious sets includes three candles with three different scents.

June Customer Specials (U.S.)

June Customer Specials (CDN)

Especiales del Cliente para Junio

You still have a chance to win the Dotty Car! In fact, for every Consultant still in their Quick Start period that you help qualify in June, you'll earn two entries into the Dotty Car Drawing. See the Chase Your Dreams flyer for details!

The Quick Start Bonus Program has been extended! When your friends sign up to become new Consultants, they can earn their style. When they achieve the designated benchmarks in 30 days, they get Candle Cash good for FREE product of their choice and 25% commission in their pockets! Not to mention, if they get a buddy to sign in their first 100 days, that buddy will get a $30 rebate on their Starter Kit and set them on their way to a promotion!


There are many reasons people decide to join the fun and become Gold Canyon Fragrance Consultants. When Debby Ridge-Sitarz took that step, however, she did it for the same reason so many of you do: a love of candles and the wonderful fragrances they fill our homes with.

"I LOVE candles ... I always have at least three going at one time in my home!" Debby said.

According to Debby, she's never been a "salesperson." She admits that her passion for Gold Canyon's products does a lot of the selling for her. Debby combines her part-time work as a substitute teacher with her Gold Canyon addiction by hanging out in the teachers' lounge after school and lighting a candle or plugging in a Pod. "I usually walk out with $100-$250 in sales."

Debby's passion and hard work has paid off. Just this past January, she made the shift from being a long-time customer to Fragrance Consultant. With the help of her upline Jody Zavala, Debby launched with more than 1500 PV. Since January, she has achieved more than 9,900 PV, earned $750 in Candle Cash for Quick Start, has sponsored two new Consultants and promoted to Senior Consultant, She has even taken full advantage of the Be SCENTsational Incentive by earning the umbrella, the cooler and a chair. Debby is well on her way to earning a spot among the SCENTsational Top 100 at Palooza!

Despite her success, Debby doesn't think of selling Gold Canyon products as work at all. "I REALLY don't consider it a job ... it's so much FUN!!!"

Have you noticed a new category under Resources on the Scentral Hub? It's called "En Espanol" and it's got a growing collection of flyers and sales tools now completely in Spanish. The latest addition is the July Host Specials flyer. Check it out!


¿Te has fijado en nuestra nueva categoría en la Oficina Virtual “Scentral Hub” bajo Recursos? Se llama “En Español” y contiene una colección de volantes y herramientas de ventas ahora completamente en Español. Nuestra más reciente adición es el volante de los Reuniones para Julio. ¡Verifícalo!

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