Final Weeks of Truck Month, Spring Coupons, and More
March 2014
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Now on DriveLiveTV: Ford - Focus on Energi

Incentives are built directly into Energi, Ford’s cutting-edge plug-in hybrid system, that optimizes your vehicle’s relationship with petroleum.

Vehicle Profile: 2014 Ford C-MAX Hybrid
Efficient and practical

Photo: 2014 Ford C-MAX Hybrid
The Ford C-MAX is one of the few vehicles available that manages to combine a highly efficient hybrid drivetrain with a practical, spacious body design. Thanks to its impressive fuel economy and unsurpassed interior space, the five-passenger 2014 Ford C-MAX Hybrid, on sale here at Sam Pack's Five Star Ford of Plano in Plano, Texas, is leagues ahead of its peers.

Vehicle Profile: 2014 Ford Explorer Versatility
A Swiss Army Knife of an SUV

Photo: 2014 Ford Explorer Versatility
Versatility is a term you see in many advertisements for SUVs and crossovers, but it is defined by more than having lots of seats, space or towing capacity. Versatility is having the best, most adaptable combination of these things, so you can do exactly what you want, how you want, and when you want. Thanks to a collection of performance enhancements, the seven-passenger 2014 Ford Explorer, available here at Sam Pack's Five Star Ford of Plano in Plano, Texas, sets a new benchmark for versatility in the segment.

Home Remedies for Nasal Congestion
Smart tips to help clear up that stuffy nose

You've been up all night with a stuffy nose and you're looking for relief. The good news is that there are a number of home remedies that can help you breathe easier.

Must-Watch Midseason TV Premieres
Check out these much-anticipated programs

If you like watching really good TV, you're in for some special treats this year. Several upcoming midseason premieres promise some of the best entertainment for the small screen. Here are five of the most anticipated TV shows this midseason has to offer.

Five Places for the Best Pizza in North Texas
Find the perfect pie in your neighborhood

"When the moon hits your eye, like a big pizza pie, that's amoré," croons Dean Martin in his classic song. Indeed, it's pretty hard to find someone who doesn't feel amoré for a good slice of pizza, and lucky for North Texans, there are plenty of yummy pizza hotspots across the region. Here are just a few to check out.

Car Care: Springtime Check Up
Shake off the dust and rust and get ready for nicer weather

Photo: Springtime Check Up
With winter nearly over and warmer weather on the horizon, it’s time to start thinking about getting your automobile back into shape. Cold weather and poor road conditions wreak havoc on your vehicle, both inside and out, so here are some helpful suggestions to get your ride ready for spring.

Forward-Looking Ford Forges Ahead with Automated Auto
Driver errors will be a thing of the past thanks to Ford and its research partners

Photo: Forward-Looking Ford Forges Ahead with Automated Auto
In December, Ford unveiled their new research vehicle: a Fusion Hybrid that doesn’t need a driver. Now the company has announced two new research projects, one with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the other with Stanford University, that will help make driverless cars a reality for consumers within a decade or so.

Ford Focuses on Mustang for 50th Anniversary
Don’t miss this spring’s must-see festivities for Mustang’s birthday celebration

Photo: Ford Focuses on Mustang for 50th Anniversary
It has been 50 years since the first Ford Mustangs rolled out of factories, and America’s favorite car company is organizing some Mustang caravans to celebrate. With the call going out to any and all Mustang owners who want to take part in the “Pony Drives,” a huge turnout is expected for a multi-day birthday bash.

Marvelous Muffin Ideas
Give Grandma's muffin recipe a makeover

Muffins are marvelous because they qualify as a comfort food when you aren't worrying about carbohydrate calories and fat grams. The yummiest ones are often loaded with both. Yet muffins are also a flexible food that can be elevated into gourmet treats, as a savory side to serve with main meals, or as a healthy part of breakfast when you use wild rice or quinoa.

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