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Now on DriveLiveTV: The 2014 Ford Escape

Versatile, stylish, and downright clever, the 2014 Ford Escape makes a bold and future-proof statement about small utility vehicles.

Vehicle Profile: 2014 Ford Mustang V6
Capture all the fun of summer in an American motoring classic

Photo: 2014 Ford Mustang V6
American motoring doesn’t get any more red, white and blue than the Ford Mustang that's on sale here at Sam Pack's Five Star Ford of Plano in Plano, Texas. Celebrating 50 years of continuous Mustang production, Ford has built more than 8.5 million Mustangs to date – all of them born right here in the U.S. With summer just around the corner, there’s no better way to see the great American countryside than in the 2014 Ford Mustang.

Vehicle Profile: 2014 Ford Escape
Top-selling SUV delivers efficiency, style and fun for the whole family

Photo: 2014 Ford Escape
There’s no shortage of choices in the small crossover utility vehicle segment, but automotive critics and drivers agree that the Ford Escape, available here at Sam Pack's Five Star Ford of Plano in Plano, Texas, is at the top of the list. Last year, Popular Mechanics named the Escape its first ever “Car of the Year,” citing roominess, practicality, quality and a fun-to-drive nature that make it ideal for a wide range of growing families.

Five Low Carb Breakfast Smoothies
Control carbohydrates and lose weight

Carbohydrates are the fuel your body converts into glucose for energy. Without carbs to burn, your body resorts to burning fat reserves. This is a good thing if you want to lose weight. Get off to a healthy start in the morning by making a low-carb breakfast smoothie, whether it's to lose weight or for other health reasons.

Create Your Own Backyard Movie Theater
Take in favorite flicks while under open skies

One of the most enjoyable things you can do with your family, relatives and neighbors is to create a temporary or permanent backyard movie theater. With the high cost of movies, and the price of concessions and drinks, it may be well worth considering this idea, even if just for the fun of a one-time event. Here are five things to consider when planning for an outdoor theater experience.

Top Five Hidden Historical Gems in North Texas
Take a history lesson in your own backyard

Everyone knows about North Texas' most infamous historic site — Dealey Plaza in downtown Dallas, where President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. But have you heard of these lesser-known sites, all of which offer fascinating stories and glimpses into the past?

Tech Tips: Cabin Air Filter Replacement
Why you need it and how to help care for it

Photo: Tech Tips: Cabin Air Filter Replacement
When people talk about car care and servicing their cars, they’re normally concerned with the regulars like oil changes and tire rotations. One of the most overlooked aspects of car care, however, is changing the filters, especially the cabin air filter.

New Workers, New Van, and a New Tomorrow for Ford
A big investment in Kansas City starts paying off as the all-new Transit rolls off the lines

Photo: New Workers, New Van, and a New Tomorrow for Ford
Missouri is the Show Me State, and Ford is definitely showing the people of Missouri that America's favorite car company puts its money where its mouth is. An investment of $1.1 billion into the Kansas City Assembly Plant has brought in 2,000 new workers and a retooled production line that is now starting to turn out the all-new 2015 Ford Transit full-size van.

Ford Gives the Environment a Big Boost
Ford and the F-150 show the world what a V6 engine can do - and how efficiently it can do it

Photo: Ford Gives the Environment a Big Boost
Three years ago, Ford introduced its 3.5-liter V6 EcoBoost engine in its F-150 pickup trucks. Combining improved performance with greater fuel efficiency than the standard F-150 engines, the EcoBoost caught on with American consumers in a big way. Now it appears as though America's favorite truck is also America's leader in reducing fuel use and exhaust emissions.

First Aid Tips For Pets
Be prepared to take action to help your pets

It’s always a good idea to keep your vet’s number where you have easy access to it: post it on the refrigerator for reference and store it in your smart phone. Of course, not every condition your pet faces will need emergency care. Here are some helpful tips to learn in the case you need to jump to the rescue to help your pet.

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