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August 2009
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We Love Summer Flicks!
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We Love Summer Flicks!
Pop in one of these classic summer vacation movies!

You don’t need to head to the movie theater to cool off. Head to your local movie rental place to pick up one of these classic summer vacation movies. Whether you’ve seen these films or not, they are classics that the whole family will enjoy. Grab a bowl of popcorn and enjoy the show!


Dirty Dancing

There’s nothing like a good summer romance – with a little bit of dancing to go along with it! The movie is set in a Catskills resort during the early 1960s. Baby (Jennifer Grey) and her family are on a summer vacation. Much to her parents’ dismay, Baby falls for Johnny (Patrick Swayze), the older dance instructor. We soon learn that “Nobody puts Baby in the corner,” and you’ll be wishing you had Baby and Johnny’s dance moves. We also recommend investing in its soundtrack because who can resist The Time of My Life and Hungry Eyes? (Rated PG-13)


The Sandlot

You’re killing me, Smalls! Who didn’t spend at least one summer vacation playing some neighborhood baseball? The new kid on the block, Scotty Smalls, makes friends with the boys in his neighborhood and learns how to play ball. After Smalls hits a homerun with a ball that was signed by Babe Ruth (Smalls thought Babe was a woman!), the group must save the ball from a ball-eating dog they named “The Beast.” Look for James Earl Jones’ cameo as The Beast’s owner. (Rated PG)


National Lampoon’s Vacation

Talk about a road trip! The Griswolds travel cross-country to the Wally World theme park, but along the way, they get into plenty of mishaps. For starters, Clark, the dad, (Chevy Chase) launches the station wagon through a “Road Closed” sign into the desert, an aunt dies, an attractive blonde gets Clark in hot water (literally!) and the family runs out of money. To top it off, the theme park is closed – but don’t expect Clark to go down without a fight! (Rated R)


Mr. Bean’s Holiday

If you don’t know who Mr. Bean is, then you’re in for a funny treat! Mr. Bean wins a trip to the south of France plus a camcorder. In typical Mr. Bean fashion, he runs into a few bumps in the road. The result? A hilarious vacation video diary that’s shown at Cannes. (Rated PG)


Race for Your Life, Charlie Brown

The Peanuts gang and Snoopy head to summer camp for the first time and compete against a group of bullies in a river raft race. We love when the gang gets stuck in the woods, and they still have cereal for breakfast! They encounter rapids, wild animals and the bullies as they make their way down the river to the finish line. (Rated G)


Summer Rental

This film is for anyone who’s had a family vacation when nothing seemed to go right.  John Candy stars as Jack Chester, an overworked air traffic controller, who takes his family to the beach for vacation. Things go hilariously wrong for the Chesters. Jack gets into a fight with a local yachtsman and must race him to regain his family’s respect. (Rated PG-13) 


When you need a breather from your own summer vacation, grab one of these classic summer movies. Enjoy the show!


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