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January 16, 2009
My Senior Marketing Moment

I hope all our reader had a wonderful holiday season and you had a chance for some time off to recharge for the New Year ahead.  I was lucky enough to have the entire week of Christmas off and spend that with my Dad.  You see, usually my Dad comes to visit only during the spring or summer months.  He doesn't really like cold weather and avoids it at all costs.  This is the first year since I moved to Texas 8 years ago, that he has come for the holidays. 

Okay maybe I should give you the background.  My Dad is retired (he's 80) and lives in Winter Haven, Florida.  He has lived there now for twenty years in his retirement community.  Winter Haven has a very large population of retirees.  Or as my Dad likes to say, "Old people live in Miami Beach; their parents live in Winter Haven."


November 4, 2008
North Bridge, eNews Builder Team Up to Reach Policy Makers
New offering enables clients to communicate with Capitol Hill more efficiently

WASHINGTON (Oct. 23)—Educating new lawmakers and Administration officials will be a top priority for public policy campaigns next year, and North Bridge Communications and eNews Builder today announced a partnership to help fill the information gap with regular, targeted, and efficient electronic correspondence.

“Next year’s staff turnover will bring one of the biggest transition periods that Washington, DC, has ever seen,” explained Phillip Hayes, a partner with North Bridge.  “With so many pressing issues on Capitol Hill and mounting federal budget pressures, competition for new staff’s attention will be fierce.” 

North Bridge and eNews Builder have been refining an issue-specific e-mail newsletter for years to cut through the clutter.  This product is currently being used in a number of high-level government relations campaigns, and the firms expect its popularity to grow in 2009.

September 16, 2008
The 70/30 rule of Business and Email
For many businesses the 70/30 rule is a reality, 70 percent of revenue is generated by 30 percent of their clients.  So most businesses have an active ongoing relationship and regular communications with these customers.  They are the customers that appreciate the personal service, close relationship, fast response and/or value that the business has to offer. 

The other 70 percent of customers that generate the other 30 percent of revenue are simply less engaged.  Probably only making a purchase once or twice a year.  They might be price shoppers, or only think they need your services under certain circumstances.  They might not even know all the services you offer, or they simply do not understand the value your company brings to the table.

August 20, 2008
Delivery, Open, and Click Thru Rates, Oh My
Why most companies look at email reporting data the wrong way...

I'm sure I'm going to drive some of the email marketing community crazy with this, but it's a short drive for most of us anyway. A majority of companies sending email marketing look at their reports to measure the success of their email campaigns. And they usually don't see the forest for the trees...

August 18, 2008
Welcome to the eNews Builder Blog
Communicate at the speed of business
Blogs are excellent communication tools for project teams, entire departments or enterprises, sales channels, and customer networks. They help an individual or a small group of people communicate to a wider audience in a way that is simpler and easier to follow than email or discussion forums. A blog can keep all interested parties in the loop, promoting cohesiveness and group culture, while providing an informal "voice" of a project or department to outsiders.

My Senior Marketing Moment
North Bridge, eNews Builder Team Up to Reach Policy Makers
The 70/30 rule of Business and Email
Delivery, Open, and Click Thru Rates, Oh My
Welcome to the eNews Builder Blog
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