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Q2O Hits Million-Quote Milestone

Five years ago, it took Avnet Technology Solutions (TS) up to three hours to manually create a quote. Another 45 minutes to create an order and get it approved. And nearly another hour to create and place a purchase order. Needless to say, TS was pleased when Global Information Solutions (GIS) introduced Quote to Order, which cut the entire cycle down to less than 20 minutes.

One million quotes later, Q2O is still going strong in the Americas and EMEA. And its productivity gains have a big impact on Avnet’s bottom line.

“By processing quotes and orders so much faster, Quote to Order has saved TS tens of millions of dollars every year since 2002,” says Bill Chapman, chief technology officer at Avnet.

"Both Q2O and R2O (Request to Order) have allowed us to dramatically improve our customer service and our internal productivity,” adds Denny O’Connell, TS Americas’ senior vice president of operations. “This system demonstrates what can be achieved by constant focus on delivering operational excellence."

To celebrate the milestone, GIS delivered chocolate bars wrapped in million-dollar bills to TS and GIS employees in Tempe, Ariz., San Antonio, Texas, and Denver.

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