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February 27, 2019
Meet Wendy Griffin

You might get the chance to meet Wendy Griffin if you visit the Mortgage Loan department of CNB Bank. Wendy is VP Mortgage Loans/ FHA and also works with VA loans. She primarily takes applications, counsels borrowers, underwrites, monitors progress, works with title companies and also works with collections when people do not pay as agreed.

Wendy has been working at CNB Bank for 1 year, and is originally from Raton, NM.

When asked how she chose her career path, Wendy said, “It chose me.” Wendy worked in the dental industry for 20 years, and for 10 of those years she was the dental office manager. She realized that she no longer wanted to work in that industry, and she began at a bank as the operator. “All I did was answer phones. Within two months I was a float. I learned every job in the bank,” Wendy explained. With knowledge of so many jobs, she was able to cover for other employees when they were out of the bank.  She then was recruited to be a loan secretary, followed by the underwriter, and finally was promoted to a loan officer in mortgage loans. Wendy attended Western States School of Banking and graduated in 2008.

Her favorite thing about her job is helping people, “I really love to help people get into a house,” Wendy said.

If Wendy could give her customers or potential customers one piece of advice, she said that it would be to take care of your credit. “Watch your credit. You never know when you’ll need it,” Wendy said. She explained that some people have issues purchasing a home because they did not take care of their credit in the past.

Outside of work Wendy loves to watch movies, read, and travel. She has been to Hawaii and California several times, and has also visited Chicago. She also loves to spend time with her four grandchildren.

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