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November 29, 2018
Halloween Visit
5th graders visit the bank
by Sarah Cousineau

The 5th graders walked over to the bank in the morning and started with a tour of the vault. The kids really enjoyed learning about how a bank works and seeing where we keep the money safe. Then they enjoyed some fun Halloween activities - they created their own Halloween stories, played Halloween candy bingo and ate delicious Boulevard Bakery Halloween cookies. And of course, the kids went trick or treating on each floor before heading back to school. We received some amazing thank you notes from the students that included comments like: “I can’t wait to see how the bank decorates for Christmas!” -  “The cookies were delicious!” -  “I can’t wait to open up my own savings account”.

This is one of our favorite activities of the year! Check out our Facebook Halloween Album for more great pictures.

Published by Central Bank of Kansas City
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