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February 27, 2018
Looking Forward to 2018

These captains from the Maine Windjammer Association explain what they’re looking forward to in 2018.


credit: Bridget Rolfe
Captain John tows a bucket full of lobsters for guests to enjoy!


credit: Bridget Rolfe
Guests aboard Schooner American Eagle’s Down East & New Brunswick cruise in 2018 will have a chance to visit beautiful off-the-beaten-path anchorages like Treat Island, near Lubec, Maine.

Captain John Foss of the Schooner American Eagle writes that among the main reasons to look forward to 2018 are lobster (see him hauling a large batch of tasty crustaceans to eager guests) and the longer trips he offers with hopes of spying a Right Whale or two.


Captain Noah looks forward to being part of the vibrant shipboard community that’s created on every cruise.

Captain Noah Barnes of the Schooner Stephen Taber writes, “We’re having a great time this winter building a new sailing dinghy for guests to enjoy, and can’t wait to point the bowsprit towards the open bay again for more adventures. We are particularly looking forward to having our special musical guests join us in June – we’ve got some real ringers lined up, and there is no better way to end a long June day of sailing than a private concert on the foredeck.”


credits: J.R. Braugh (left) and John Williams (right)
Ladona Captain J. R. Braugh hopes to get back to Brimstone Island in 2018—his first visit last season included a hike to the top of the island that “took his breath away,” followed by a lobster bake on the naturally polished cobblestone beach.

Captain J. R. is excited about racing Ladona in the Eggemoggin Reach Regatta again this season. He’s hoping for a little more wind so Ladona can really strut her stuff with the other 125 gorgeous wooden yachts that race the 15-mile course in Jericho Bay.


credit: Captain Kip Files
An early riser, Captain Kip looks forward to getting back on the water again where he can start his day with a brilliant sunrise.

Captain Kip Files says that, in addition to beautiful harbors, delicious food and meeting new guests, he’s looking forward to celebrating the Victory Chimes’ 118th continuous year of commercial sail.


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