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January 30, 2018
What’s New for 2018: Specialty Cruises

Schooner American Eagle will offer an 8-day cruise that includes time looking for whales on Stellwagen Bank and Jeffrey Ledge, a national marine sanctuary.


The Maine Windjammer Association captains are welcoming guests with all kinds of interests to enjoy sailing along the unforgettable waters of Penobscot Bay. Whether you enjoy offshore sailing adventures out to Stellwagen to catch a glimpse of the whales or prefer a 2-day cruise around the Bay, the windjammers are a perfect way to unplug and rediscover what really matters.


Courtesy Sweet Chariot Music Festival
Guests aboard Schooner Mary Day enjoy sea shanties during the annual Sweet Chariot Music Festival on Swan's Island.

Specialty cruises are a great way to combine special interests while touring Maine’s sapphire waters. This year, the American Eagle is hosting cruises that feature photography, watercolors and the Sweet Chariot Music Festival; Angelique has a lighthouse cruise, yoga and wellness, wine cruise and will also be attending the Sweet Chariot Music Festival; Heritage will attend Boothbay Windjammer Days, tour a few lighthouses and enjoy a photography cruise; Ladona has a new bar craft and cocktails cruise in addition to its wine tasting and music cruises; the Lewis R. French has a kayaking cruise, a lighthouse cruise and will be at the Swan’s Island Music Festival; Mary Day has a few cruises specializing in the natural world, lighthouses and photography; the Stephen Taber has a number of wine-tasting cruises, gourmet food cruises as well as lighthouse, photography and music cruises; and finally, the Victory Chimes is offering a Geology-Climate Change cruise, a humorist cruise and steep discounts for birthdays, anniversaries and military.

 The average daily cost is $233 per person with everything included, even a lobster feast! For more information about the historic vessels belonging to the Maine Windjammer Association, visit


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