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January 30, 2018
Cabin Fever Reliever

When itís cold and snowy, thereís nothing like planning a great escape. How about the gorgeous coast of Maine, where authentic windjammers will be ready to whisk you away on the safe sailing adventure of a lifetime starting at the end of May. The protected waters of Penobscot Bay offer some of the best sailing in the world as well as quaint harbors where you can spend quiet evenings under a brilliant blanket of stars before nestling into a cozy cabin below decks where crisp sheets and fluffy pillows guarantee a good nightís sleep.

Every windjammer has its own personality and thatís reflected in the cabins. Hereís a small sampling of the tucked-in cozy spaces aboard Maineís windjammer fleet.



Simple, elegant with natural light, ventilation, sinks and bathrobes.


American Eagle

Hot and cold running water, reading lights over the pillows, and a shipís library of several hundred books on Maine, the sea and sailing, including a Scrabble dictionary!


Victory Chimes

Cozy bunks for cuddling down after a great day sailing.


Stephen Taber

Casual, comfortable. Everything a person needs after a fabulous meal and a glass of wine.

Single and double cabins are available on every vessel in the Maine Windjammer Association fleet. All cabins include sinks and running water, reading lights, linens, blankets and towels; a few of the vessels offer cabins with private heads. For more specific details about cabins and accommodations, please visit our Fleet Page to find our individual members' websites.


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