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September 21, 2017
Catching up with Captain Dennis

credit: Randall Weghorst


Captain Dennis fell in love with the ocean while in college. He began working on windjammers in 1993 and worked his way up to captain/owner of Angelique. We recently caught up with him to find out more:

Maine Windjammer Association: Whatís your favorite season in Maine and why?

Captain Dennis: Fall Ė between the foliage and the amazing sailing, itís just a great time of year. Itís a little bittersweet because Iím wrapping up the season, but itís still great. Itís definitely the best sailing of the year because you have the most consistent wind. And the temps are usually warm in the day, and crisp at night.

MWA: Tell us about weddings. Why would someone get married on a windjammer?

Captain Dennis: Three reasons: first, itís an incredibly romantic getaway; second, itís the ultimate quiet wedding...just the bride and groom and a handful of people, itís almost like an elopement; and third, itís just spectacular to be anchored someplace and get married in a quiet cove.


credit: John Williams
Capt. Dennis and his wife Candace offer 3- to 6-day cruises aboard Angelique from May to October.


MWA: Tell us about the specialty cruises youíre offering.

Captain Dennis: We offered a yoga cruise which was really an amazing trip; weíre offering beer tasting with lots of local beers Ė itís all local beer thatís brewed in Maine. This October, weíve got a wine and foliage cruise (4 nights, $825) Ė itís just beautiful to sail Maineís coast when the leaves are in full color. Next year, weíve got a lot going on Ė Grandparents cruise, wildlife cruise early on, yoga and wellness, Acadia. Weíre very excited.

MWA: Tell us about your repeat passengers.

Captain Dennis: Itís pretty remarkable. We have guests on the Angelique whoíve been sailing since 1980. We have a Labor Day group that comes every year. At this point, theyíve been coming so many years, they have a common bond. And every cruise is different, no two trips are alike which means they can keep coming back and itís different every time. People enjoy the familiarity they have with the captain, the ship, but the trips themselves are unique. Itís one of the only vacations where youíre on the same boat but everythingís different every year.

MWA: We know that one of the things that guests look forward to is raft ups Ė what do you love about raft ups?

Captain Dennis: Theyíre fun. Itís the only place in the world that youíre going to see that many traditional boats tied together. The historian in me just loves that you can walk from boat to boat. Itís like a museum. And thereís usually great music Ė bands are playing. Itís a really a fun experience.

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