August 28, 2017
Top Five Reasons to Sail in September

When you have dedicated your life to preserving maritime history, welcoming guests from May to October, and spending your days on the Maineís rugged coast, itís hard to pick a favorite season. But, when polled, captains had these 5 things they absolutely love about fall sailing:

  1. Crisp winds. In September, the average winds are steadier and brisker than the winds youíll find mid-summer and that means great things for a wind-powered vessel.  Fall winds mean the windjammers can pick up speed and go further in a day.  Itís an incredible opportunity to see more of Maineís magnificent coast.
    credit: Courtesy Schooner Stephen Taber
    Itís always warm and cozy below decks!

  2. Cool Evenings. Warm days with crisp, cool breezes and inviting gatherings around the wood stove. For anyone who likes to pull on a thick wool sweater at the end of a day, fall sailing is for you!
    credit: Courtesy Schooner Stephen Taber
    Fall flowers and farm produce are the highlight of every cruise in September and October.

  3. Quiet Harbors. After Labor Day, the yachts head for warmer climes and summer vacationers have made their way home, leaving the windjammers free to enjoy much quieter harbors to themselves. Beaches are deserted, shops and streets are easy to navigate when going ashore.
  4. Starry nights. With clear autumn skies, stargazing opportunities abound. Maineís coast is far from light pollution leaving the stars to put on a spectacular display night after night.
    credit: Courtesy Schooner Lewis R. French
    Schooner Lewis R. French sails right through September, when the leaves are beginning to show their colors.

  5.  Foliage! At the end of the season, the maples, birch and ash trees along the coast begin to blaze with the reds, yellows and oranges of fall Ė a once in a lifetime sight.

Donít miss this opportunity to see Maine from the ďright side.Ē For last-minute cruises, check out these fall sailing trips or visit the Maine Windjammer Associationís website.

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