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August 15, 2017
Tips for Reducing Stress and Increasing Positivity
Focus on the silver lining to manage stress

In the midst of a hectic day, it’s difficult to find time for much, let alone a moment to pause and focus on the positive, especially when stress and negativity feel all-consuming. Yet taking a moment to establish a positive mindset can be the first step in reducing your level of stress. Will your to-do list get smaller? Will traffic get less congested? Will work be less demanding? Probably not, but by implementing a constructive attitude and one or more of the following tips, you can conquer your daily tasks with less stress and more positivity.

Reset immediately

According to the American Heart Association (, learning to hit the pause button quickly on stressful situations is vital to our everyday well-being. For an “emergency stress stopper” the experts recommend counting to 10 before speaking, breathing deeply through three to five breaths, physically walking away from an anxiety-riddled situation, praying, meditating, hugging a loved one or smiling.

Speak positively

Words have power, and that’s why the experts at the recommend that what you think and say to yourself should not be negative. In fact, the experts recommend practicing “positive self-talk,” which requires just one guideline—do not say to yourself what you wouldn’t say to another person. Instead, be encouraging and reflect on the good things in your life.

Recharge daily

Finding ways to relax is imperative to your ability to manage stress. The American Heart Association recommends yoga, meditation and tai chi as quality relaxation methods.

Practice deep breathing for five to 10 minutes every day as another way to relax. To achieve this Zen state, the American Heart Association suggests sitting or lying down comfortably with your eyes closed and imagining a place of serenity while focusing on inhaling and exhaling slowly.

 Move physically writer Jamie Long, Psy.D, cites research to support the claim that breaking a sweat not only helps the body, but also benefits the mind, mood and energy levels.

“During exercise, the body releases chemicals called endorphins, which interact with receptors in the brain causing euphoric feelings and reduction in physical pain,” Long reports.

Act joyfully

Sometimes what you need to combat the negative effects of stress and anxiety is to say yes to something you enjoy doing and do it, according to the American Heart Association. They report that even if it’s only for a precious few minutes, by carving out a moment of your day to talk to a friend, practice your hobby, listen to music, congregate with friends or family members, read or do something creative like draw, crochet or paint, you will naturally fight off stress.

Finding the best way to handle stress and increase positivity can be daunting, but by using the tips above, you will be well on your way to discovering the tools that work best for your demanding schedule and life.

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