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July 20, 2017
Umbrella Drinks: Thirst-Quenching Summer Cocktails
Brighten your summer with these adult twists on childhood drinks

Who doesn’t love cooling off during the sweltering summer months with a cool drink? While we’ve all grown up drinking 50-cent cups of lemonade from the stand down the street, adulthood offers a wider—and more delicious—variety of beverages to savor on a hot day. Update your summer drink list with these three creative cocktail spins on classic non-alcoholic childhood drinks.

Turn lemonade into lemon sorbet mimosas

There are many was to elevate lemonade into a classy cocktail, but a yummy favorite is this mix from tastes lovely. This recipe for lemon sorbet mimosas, which fills four to six champagne glasses, has a bright and sprightly flavor. Mixing the drink is simple and only takes a couple minutes. Scoop two tablespoons of tart lemon sorbet into a champagne glass and then pour the bubbly over it, either standard champagne or a non-alcoholic version. Finally, top each glass with a strip of lemon peel.

Turn sweet tea into sweet tea sangrias

You don’t have to live in the South to savor a tall glass of sweet tea on a summer day, but you do have to be over 21 to taste this alcohol-infused version from Sugar Dish Me.

Simmer two cups of water in a saucepan without letting it boil. Just before boiling, remove it from the heat and let a family-sized tea bag of black tea steep in the water for a half hour. Then, pour the tea into a pitcher filled with a half-cup of sugar, repeating the simmering process until the pitcher is filled. Refrigerate the sweet tea.

Fill six glasses with ice and pour the cooled tea into each (1/3 full). Squeeze lemon wedges over each cup and then stir in a few extra. Finally, pour a chilled bottle of Moscato into each glass to fill the remaining 2/3 of the cup.

Turn popsicles into watermelon vodka slush

Popsicles used to be a colorful childhood treat until you realized how sticky and messy they were! Luckily, the Food Network has a grown-up way to savor these frozen treats.

To make a watermelon vodka slush, remove the seeds from four cups of watermelon, then blend the melon into a food processor until smooth. Freeze the liquid in ice cube trays for four hours. Once they’re firm, put the cubes in a blender and add two tablespoons of lemon juice, two ounces of melon liquor, one cup of vodka, and a bit of simple syrup. The blended mixture should resemble a slushy and serves well from frozen martini glasses garnished with lemon twists.

Your inner child will surely agree that these delectable drinks are the perfect way to keep you cool this summer.

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