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June 19, 2017
3 Fun Family Outings in Colorado
Get out and about with your family in the Centennial State

Colorado is home to breathtaking and beautiful landscapes, but there is much more to the state than just nature. The Centennial State offers plenty of fun adventures for the whole family, including the following three.

Colorado Railway Museum

If your family is looking for an active museum to explore, consider the Colorado Railroad Museum in Golden. The Depot Museum on site is home to rare photos, documents and other artifacts that helped develop the western United States over the past 125 years. After learning all about the trains, you can head out to the railyard to get up-close and personal with more than 100 train locomotives, cabooses, passenger cars and other cars that rode the rails. The roundhouse also lets guests see trains that are being restored and maintained by museum staff. Consider checking out the museumís calendar of events to see special programs that allow visitors to ride trains and other fun extras.

Miramont Castle Museum

When you think of castles, places like Europe and Asia usually come to mind. Many of our nationís great houses also seem to gravitate towards the coastlines, but that is not the case when it comes to the Miramont Castle in Manitou Springs. The home was built in 1895 by Father Jean Baptiste Francolon, a French priest trying to bridge the gap between the old Spanish Catholic Church and the incoming French Catholic Church and their differing traditions. The home was donated to the Sisters of Mercy in 1895 to become a treatment center for tuberculosis and a place for locals to come for lessons on how to play musical instruments. After 1946 it was sold to private owners, and it was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1977. Families can explore the castle on a self-guided tour, and the Queenís Parlour Tea Room lets visitors experience a true British tea service and lunch.

Dinosaur National Monument

Located in both eastern Utah and northwestern Colorado, Dinosaur National Monument is the ultimate place to take your family if you have and dinosaur fans in the group. The rocks all around this area bear the fossilized evidence of dinosaurs that once roamed Colorado, with over 1,500 visible on the Quarry Exhibit Hall cliff face alone. Evidence of early humans can also be found in the park, with petroglyphs carved into the rock and pictographs painted in caves and other sheltered areas that have survived the passage of time. While many of these sights are scattered around the large National Monument, visit the Canyon Visitor Center in Dinosaur, Colorado to learn more about the mountains and rocks of the region or check out the Quarry Visitor Center for more information about dinosaurs that were found in the vicinity. Many of the archeological finds can be reached by roads like the Tilted Rocks Scenic Drive and Island Park Road, which is good news for parents of smaller children that might not be up for a hike. If your family is particularly adventurous, there are six campgrounds available in the park that offer clear views of the stars and various amenities depending on how committed you are to going without running water.

These three attractions merely scratch the surface of fun things to do with families in Colorado. Get out and explore to find that perfect day trip for you and your kids.  

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