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June 19, 2017
Ideas for Your Own Outdoor Movie Theatre
Create your own cinematic paradise in your backyard

Warmer weather is here and everyone is itching to get outside and have some fun. Unfortunately, thrilling activities can sometimes be hard to come by, depending on the day and your location. If you have some film fans in the house and already have the technical tools for an outdoor theatre, try spicing things up with these creative ideas.

Popcorn bar

The essential movie treat that almost everyone enjoys is popcorn. Instead of just microwaving a few bags before show time, try creating your own popcorn bar. If you want to go all out, purchase a popcorn maker for your home—complete with scoop and a sliding door—and set up a variety of toppings on a nearby table. Flavors can include melted butter, caramel, chocolate, cheese and even multi colored sprinkles. Add extra zest by including actual spices like cayenne, chili lime salt or garlic, but be sure to watch the little ones when they sprinkle on the hot stuff.  

Movie night bingo

If your family is indulging in a favorite film that they’ve already seen for movie night, a good way to get everyone more excited about the film is to create movie bingo. Create your own boards by putting scenes or phrases from the film randomly on each square. Make as many copies as possible, without any duplicates, so each family member can have more than one card. Then hand out the stamp pens (or stickers) and wait for someone to yell bingo at the top of their lungs. An adults-only version of movie bingo could be catered towards drinking when certain things happen in the film, instead of bingo cards.

Themed night

Get everyone involved with movie night by creating a theme that requires your guests to come dressed appropriately for the movie being shown. If the movie selection is something like the “Cars” movies, then creating little cars out of cardboard boxes for the little ones could be an option. Décor could include racing flags on snack tables, as well as car themed snacks like spare tires (doughnuts) and fuel (punch). If you’re showing “The Great Gatsby,” you could ask your guests to come dressed in ’20s attire and have big band music playing when they arrive.

Create a snack cart

If there are some serious candy lovers in the family, then the popcorn bar may not suffice for movie night. Instead of just buying the movie size snacks at the grocery store, try making a snack cart that is easier to share. Grab a few plastic containers with lids, plastic spoons for scooping, food trays or bowls and a red wagon. Pour each candy type in a container and then place them in the wagon (or any sort of moving container with wheels). Don’t forget to place the spoons in the cart too, and then send the treats between your family members as they scoop their favorites throughout the movie.

Get comfy

One thing that many forget when it comes to hosting a movie night outdoors is how to keep guests comfortable during a two-hour film. Lawn chairs can be used, but they’re not the most comfortable seating out there. Similarly, a blanket on the ground is not going to make your friends want to come back again for the sequel. Invest in padded loungers or a couple of patio couches that have been tested for comfort. Be sure to keep the blankets handy though, in case an unexpected wind chill breezes by.

Now that the weather is warming up, there’s no excuse not to use that outdoor movie theatre. With these inventive ideas, your next movie night is sure to be a hit.

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