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June 19, 2017
7 Ways to Make Money From Home
Opportunities to make money from home

Working from home conjures up some appealing thoughts—no commute to wrestle with, no office-appropriate clothing to iron and no distractions from quirky co-workers. Yet, is it really possible to earn money without a traditional 9-to-5 and in an office that consists of your couch or kitchen table?

The answer is yes. Consider the suggestions below for opportunities that can earn you a living or extra money while working from home.

Be an entrepreneur

Have you ever considered turning your favorite hobby into a home business? According to Forbes contributor Ginger Dean, starting a home-based business that celebrates your skills, talents or passions is a profitable way to make money from home. Dean suggests these hobbies can be turned into money-making businesses: photography, crafting (sell handmade items via, sewing (create handmade items for sale or offer seamstress or tailoring services), scrapbooking (a creative way to help others make memories), music (offer lessons on your instrument of your choice or voice instruction) or baking (sell your famed treats for a sweet profit).

Be balanced

Do you have a head for numbers? If so, balancing the books for a local business or company could be a fulfilling gig, according to the experts at They state that the skills to succeed as a bookkeeper include strong understanding of math, a familiarity or willingness to master specific accounting software and access to accounting software programs like FreshBooks, QuickBooks or Xero.

Be opinionated

Do you enjoy expressing your opinion? Then evaluating web sites through could be a quick and easy way to earn extra money, according to writer Cameron Huddleston. In order to secure this gig, she recommends that you have an internet connection and microphone and follow the instructions of the site in regards to submitting your feedback for profit.

Be wordy

Do you have a way with the written word? If you have a strong handle of the English language and grammar rules, a creative way of thinking and the ability to work within a deadline, freelance writing is a great way to make money from home, according to Forbes’ Dean.  There are many ways to be a writer-for-hire, including writing articles for magazines, journals or newspapers; writing advertising copy; writing copy for technical manuals or marketing materials; or blogging for online sources, writes Dean.

Be helpful

Are all of your ducks in a row? If you have a talent for organization, then working as a virtual administrative assistant could be an ideal fit, according to the experts. Depending on the client, tasks could include managing schedules, data entry or transcription. recommends registering with an agency at or or checking out for leads.

Be caring

Are you a parent? Opening up your home to the care of other children is a way to earn extra money and introduce your own kids to new playmates, according to Forbes’ Dean.

If you have a way with animals, offering dog walking or pet sitting services is also a way to generate cash flow on your own schedule, adds Dean.

With such a variety of work-from-home opportunities, you will be earning extra money from home in no time.

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