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May 27, 2017
Windjamming Gets Social

While we encourage our guests to relax and enjoy their time aboard without mainland distractions (computers and cell phones!), we do encourage everyone to take lots of pictures! And if it gives you pleasure to share, post or tweet about your awesome windjammer cruise, then that’s OK with us too!

8th Annual Photography Contest

We invite you to submit up to five of your favorite shots of scenery, sails, sunsets and seals! The first-place winner of the contest will receive a free windjammer cruise during the 2018 season. Runner-up prizes will also be awarded. Photo entries may be submitted online, now through November 1, 2017. Winning photos, as selected by a panel of judges comprised of windjammer captains, will be announced in November, and the winner—who could be YOU—can begin to make plans for a great sailing vacation in 2018!



Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

If sharing photos, videos and special moments is something you like to do online, we applaud you! We’re on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram…share away! #ThisIsWindjamming.

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