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April 27, 2017
Food & Windjamming: A Match Made in Heaven

credit: Fred LeBlanc
Captain Linda Lee was baking “schooner” bread long before there was a renewed interest in preparing meals from scratch. Over the years, she’s trained many galley assistants in the finer points of baking, too!

Anyone who has spent time on the water knows that sailing creates a tremendous appetite. No one can explain it exactly, but the fact remains: after a great day sailing, people are hungry. That’s why Maine Windjammer Association captains go to great lengths to ensure that their menus satisfy even the hungriest of guests, are created with the freshest ingredients, and offer tremendous variety.

Aboard the Isaac H. Evans—a windjammer specializing in family cruises for kids 6 and up—Captain Brenda makes sure there are lots of delicious treats and healthy snacks for her guests. Sticky Buns are a favorite for guests of all ages!


credit: Margi Hayes
There's nothing like waking up to the sweet aroma of sticky buns!


From freshly baked pastries in the morning and homemade pies and cakes in the evening to hearty soups and mouth-watering entrees, meals aboard the Maine Windjammer Association vessels never disappoint.

Some captains tend to push the foodie envelope while others prefer to offer comfort foods and traditional New England fare and yet all the cooks insist on sourcing their ingredients locally whenever possible, and in creating everything from scratch on board the schooner.


credit: Scott Marx
Captain Barry serves up a lobster dinner, fit for a King!


What’s more, every single cruise offers a lobster bake. That’s right. Every. Single. Cruise. “It’s a kick in the pants,” says Captain Noah of the Stephen Taber. “It’s a highlight of the week: if you can take everybody on a beach, give them time to explore an uninhabited island, throw a feast for them…there’s something really satisfying about that.”

It’s usually cooks-night-off on the lobster bake night, so Capt. Barry King of the Schooner Mary Day has become quite a pro at hosting the beachside bakes. In fact, you can watch him demonstrate how to prepare a lobster bake on national TV, filmed a few years ago.

For more information about sailing or chartering any of the Maine Windjammer Association vessels in 2017, visit our website. Curious about what might be on the menu? Check out some of our recipes.


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