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March 22, 2017
Car Care: Spring Maintenance
Your vehicle deserves some TLC

The sun is shining and itís time to shake off the last remnants of winter. For your vehicle, that means servicing it both inside and out so itís ready to handle the summer driving months.

After a long winter of cold weather, sloppy driving conditions and rough roads, there are plenty of things you should consider. The first item on your list should be a wash and wax. If you live in an area where snow is a fact of life, the salt that treats roads can wreak havoc on your vehicle. Even if your area doesnít experience those conditions, itís always good to rid your vehicle of any grime and debris that builds up. And while youíre at it, you should clean the inside of your vehicle, too. Once you throw out any lingering trash, you can focus on vacuuming the dirt, salt and other winter debris from your seats and carpets. You can also consider a good shampooing to get rid of any deep stains.

Once you have finished cleaning your vehicle, itís time to think about your tires. If youíve been using winter tires, itís a great time to swap them out for your all-season ones. If youíre already riding on all-seasons, check the tire pressure; since cold weather can cause deflation, you may have needed to inflate your tires in the winter months. When the weather gets warmer that pressure can increase, so stop in to ask the trained technicians at our dealership how you should handle that. You should also consider a new set of wipers if you notice any streaking or loss of functionality.

When you bring your vehicle to the dealership, factory trained technicians will give your entire vehicle a full inspectionĖbut if you have any specific worries, you should let them know. Rattling when you go over a bump or pulling to one side can signal a suspension issue or the need of an alignment. Your brakes should also be checked to make sure you have adequate stopping power.

Before you head out to enjoy the warmer weather, itís best to make an appointment to ensure your vehicle is running as intended. And when you service your vehicle at the dealership, it will be worked on by the technicians and service representatives who know your vehicle inside and out. So donít delay; get your vehicle in shape today.

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