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January 4, 2017
January Spotlight!

This month, we sat down with Jennifer Hickmon, Perkins Paint & Collision’s Body Shop Director. We learned more about her role with the company, what drives her each day to make customers’ experiences perfect, oh and how her three-year-old son and her dog work as a team to find food without her knowing!

Jen, tell us a little about yourself! Believe it or not, I am actually a Colorado Springs native. People tell me it is a rare thing, and I am not sure about that but there are many great neighbors in Colorado Springs that moved here from other parts of the country and world. Who can blame them; we live in the most amazing place! I graduated from Mitchell High School and have spent the vast majority of my life in Colorado, besides attending nursing school in Northern California. I love raising my son in Colorado Springs and will never get tired of the mountains as I love to hike, ski, ride ATVs and just play in the higher elevations.  

How long have you been part of the Perkins Family? Funny, January 9th marks my 5th year anniversary with the company. I started as a receptionist, after my nursing career, and quickly learned Perkins was the type of organization I could sink my teeth into as the company has many of the same belief systems that I do: loyalty, family and dedication to doing a great job in everything they/I do. These values really proved we were a good match, because after a brief stint as the organization’s receptionist, I was promoted to estimator, then assistant manager, then manager and today I am proud to be the director of the operation. Working at Perkins has been wonderful and I look forward to being here for many, many more years, as the company’s philosophy really proved itself to me by providing me with many growth options. I truly feel purpose each and every day I come to work.

Tell us about your role as Body Shop Director! We are a very busy organization working on over 1,000 cars a year. This means we have to have a great team. Which we do! I am honored to lead our staff of 15 specialists each and every day to ensure our customers leave with a smile and a beautiful vehicle. My job is to ensure our team brings these damaged vehicles back to life on at timely and cost-efficient schedule. I oversee our production schedule, ensure our team has the support it needs to do a great job every time, and I also hold firm the famous phrase ‘the buck stops here’. Meaning, each and every vehicle that we fix gets my famous ‘white glove review’. We believe and practice 100% satisfaction and I take it upon myself personally to ensure each customer experience is as close to perfect as possible. I am not an artist, but I believe what we do here is true art – taking something that is broken and making it beautiful again. I take great pride in ensuring our artwork meets the needs of every customer.

Ok, mom, tell us about the conspiring son and puppy of yours? There is no way around it, my son Jayce, who is three, and his best pal Oliver, the dog, are seriously thick as thieves. I have to keep my eye on them at all times, as they love mischief. The best proof I have of this is their constant quest to find snacks when my back is turned, and just recently I caught them both eating a snack before dinner…funny, they were BOTH eating dog treats….never a dull moment as a mom! I wouldn’t change a thing though as it warms my heart to see them interact so well. Being a mom is the best part of my day; just another reason I love working at Perkins – a family company that believes in just that: FAMILY.


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