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January 4, 2017
New Year’s Resolution Tips for Your Vehicle!

Many people in Colorado Springs and across America use January as the month to kick off their New Year’s Resolutions. Many people hit the gym, while others enjoy planning a dream trip, and some folks plan to give up bad habits. Here at Perkins, we want you to consider some of our new year’s resolution tips for vehicles! Happy New Year to you and your family, and may 2017 be a year to remember for you and your vehicle!  

  • New Year’s Resolution Tip #1: Don’t be a distracted driver! Did you know that according to experts, distraction occurs any time you take your eyes off the road, your hands off the wheel, and your mind off your primary task which is to drive safely?  According to the U.S. Department of Transportation's, in 2012, 421,000 injuries and 3,328 fatalities were blamed on driver distractions. Also, a key reminder for everyone is to NOT text and drive. Crashes due to texting are a growing problem in Colorado Springs and just about every neighborhood in the country.  Experts advise this great tip: Start changing the habits you know you engage in regularly: Wake up five minutes earlier, rather than scrambling to fix your appearance in your rearview mirror. Keep your cell phone in the trunk, rather than by your side.
  • New Year’s Resolution Tip #2: Learn or re-learn some of the basics!  Two questions we hear from customers often are how do I change a tire and how to we check our oil? Seems simple to many, but for others, these items are a bit intimidating. So, if you need a refresher course, or if you want to learn for the first time, be sure to make 2017 your year for some of the basics. Of course if you have any questions, our service staff would be happy to assist you.  Our friends at the DMV have great information here on changing a tire and here is an informative how-to video.
  • New Year’s Tip #3: Focus on maintenance for a healthy vehicle in 2017! A simple vehicle maintenance program (perhaps mark these items in your favorite calendar) include measuring your tire pressure every month to check for leaks, and taking your vehicle in for regular tune-ups. This can help you save money and fuel. Maintenance regimes vary widely from one vehicle to another, so check with the manufacturer of your vehicle and always feel free to lean on our experts in the service department who are always happy to help you better understand how to keep good care of your vehicle in 2017.
  • New Year’s Resolution #4: Safety Kit - Keep one in your vehicle. We’ve written about this topic in past articles, but safety is always a good item to consider and we want to remind you of the importance of a safety kit in your vehicle. In Colorado, the weather can shift at a moment’s notice, and if you are caught in a situation where you need help, the first plan of attack is keeping items in the car that can keep you hydrated, warm, and safe. Here is a great list of things to keep in your vehicle. We can’t stress this resolution enough!
  • New Year’s Resolution #5: Keep your vehicle clean! A quick car wash and vacuum will keep the inside and outside of your vehicle in good condition. Washing off salt and winter dirt can prevent rust and paint damage. If you weren’t able to address this resolution and feel your vehicle’s body is in danger from the elements, be sure to call our specialists at Perkins Paint & Collision and they can fix you right up!

2017 is going to be a great year in The Pikes Peak Region and we hope you and your family have a great year!

--- Crystal Johnston, Director of Marketing


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