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December 5, 2016
Perkins Motors SPOTLIGHT

This month we are bringing a new item to our newsletter in order to spotlight the amazing team of people dedicated to you at Perkins Motors. Each of us has a special role to make your experience relaxing and successful when visiting our dealership.

This month, we sat down with our new General Sales Manager who joined us just over a month ago. From car racing, to an amazing track record of professional success, to his family-first lifestyle, please meet Mark Seidenberg!

So Mark, where are you from? I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY and please don’t hate me for being a Yankees fan!! Now that I live in Colorado, I also pull for The Rockies! Brooklyn was an interesting place to grow up a kid, as there is so much to do in the borough; a true melting pot in the heart of the Big Apple.

Where did you go to college? I graduated from Brown University’s School of Special Studies in the great state of Rhode Island. I also studied banking management at Pace University. I consider myself to be very fortunate to have received such an amazing education, which was the springboard to my career.

Did you live in the Northeast until coming to Perkins Motors? Actually, before coming to Colorado Springs and Perkins Motors, my family and I lived in Southern California for 30-years. It was there, in 2003, where I started my second career in the automotive industry, where I served as a GM for a large dealership and grew it to a top seller in its category. Funny enough I was retired at the time, but soon after I left the workforce my wife told me to “get back to work”. Thirteen years later, like most of the time, she was right. Jumping from the banking industry where I was a CEO of a well known institution in California, to the auto industry was fun, exciting and I have never looked back.

Speaking of your wife, tell us a little about your family! Well, for me life has always revolved around one ideal: Family First! My wife and I have been happily married now for 49-years and we have two children (one daughter and one son) and a BEAUTIFUL granddaughter. They live near Colorado Springs, which is the main reason we relocated here soon after our kids found their way to the rocky mountain region. My wife is a true gem.  She is an outstanding mother, a loving grandmother, and spent her professional career working to support the needs of children with disabilities. To say I am a lucky kid from Brooklyn is putting it mildly.

Give us some insight into your beliefs as the vehicle industry stands today! Simple. Traditional selling practices still work very, very well, but we must always be aware of advanced technology and leverage them to meet customer’s personalized needs and remain competitive.

Primary role at Perkins Motors? I lead the sales team, which totals close to 25 of the region’s top professionals. Together, we will continue to build on 60-years of Perkins’ success and position the dealership for constant growth even as auto industry (as it always does) moves into varying economic scenarios. In my role, I will continually focus on how important the Perkins Motors brand is to the community and work to grow its foundation of trust and customer service with our neighbors in Colorado Springs. It was a great honor to be hired to this position just a few months ago, as Perkins Motors holds the same values as an organization as I do as a person: Trust, Hard Work, Family, and Community.

Ok Ok, we teased it…so do tell…race cars?  Ha, these days my main hobby is joining my wife on the golf course. We just love to play and there are so many wonderful places in Southern Colorado to enjoy the sport. However, yes, there was a time when I owned and operated a race car as a hobbyist. There is nothing like getting on the track, with a car that is ready to perform and pushing it and yourself to the limit. If any of the readers share the same interest, pop on over to my office and let’s compare notes. Thank you everyone for this opportunity to introduce myself.

Yet another outstanding professional has joined the Perkins Motors team. We are so fortunate to employ the best of the best – all of which are dedicated to making your time with us a great experience. Keep an eye out for next month’s spotlight!

-    Crystal Johnston, Director of Marketing


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