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November 4, 2016
RUST – your vehicle’s enemy – Here’s to keeping your vehicle safe from ‘it’ during the cold season!

Ok, the truth is that in the past month (October) we had unusually warm weather, not only in Colorado Springs, but throughout the entire state. That is bound to change this month. The winds will start howling, and weather patterns filled with snow and ice/rain mix are sure to come to our doorsteps before it is time to put that holiday turkey in the oven! This winter weather isn’t great for your vehicle’s body, so our team of repair experts at Perkins Auto Body have tips to help ensure your vehicle looks as great in the Spring as it does now. No matter what Mother Nature throws our way!

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Wash your car as an investment for the future. If you opt for an automatic car wash or washing service, make sure they pay attention to the vehicle's undercarriage. Areas of ‘washing’ focus for your vehicle are rocker panels, inner fenders, strut towers, and rear quarters, which are notorious for rust. As for the time and expense involved in regular washes, consider it as part of the cost of vehicle ownership. Paying for a few car washes now at your local carwash will certainly be cheaper than getting body work done later. A clean car is the first line of defense against RUST!

Use Wax. This takes care of moisture and keeps it from sitting on your car. If you aren’t familiar with wax, just call us we can walk you through the process.

Make sure your drain holes are unclogged. Every vehicle body panel has drain holes to prevent moisture from collecting inside. The doors typically have them along the bottom edge. Cowl panels have drain holes that usually empty water inside the fenders and out of small holes in the bottom of the quarter panels. If these get clogged with leaves or dirt, rust soon follows. Start with a hose to dislodge debris, and if you have to, dab the drain hole gently with a piece of wire or a straightened coat hanger. For more information on this item, here is an article from our pals at just click here.

Have all those small chips of paint fixed ASAP. If you see bare metal instead of paint, try and quickly cover it. All you need is sandpaper, a paint-prep chemical that removes grease and wax, a little rust-fighting primer, and some touch-up paint. Even if it looks a tiny bit off compared to the surrounding paint, it'll be a lot better than a rust spot or hole. Although, always be confident that this is a job for you. What you don’t want is to try and fix it yourself and end up hurting your vehicle further. If you are handy, give it a go, if not, best to call our experts.

Touch up that undercoating! Cracks in your vehicle's factory undercoating present bad opportunities for moisture to collect and cause damage that could cost a lot of money to repair. Available in spray cans from any auto parts store, undercoating is cheap and easy to apply. Here is a video to explain the process. Just make sure that you wash the undercarriage and allow it to dry before applying it. Again, this is a job for a vehicle owner with some true ‘chops’, as getting under your vehicle can be tricky. Remember, we are here!

These are just a few tips on how to protect your vehicle from rust. But in the end, battling this nasty item should be done by a pro! If you call Perkins Auto Body, we will happily help diagnose the issue for you!

-Crystal Johnston, Director of Marketing


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