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October 6, 2016
Trick-or-Treat Give me something Good & New to Eat!

For many people across Colorado Springs, Halloween is a time for fun, family, trick-or-treating and FOOD! We want to help you with new and creative ideas for Halloween snacks for the kids, family and the little ones coming to knock on your door! Below are several ideas we uncovered that may tempt your taste buds!

How about fun with the kids making marshmallow witches?

Country Living Magazine swears by their Spiced Chocolate Bat Cookies!

For those of you that are focused on a more healthy approach, our friends in Boulder @Your Boulder touted these mainstays a few years ago:

Within these links you now have access to almost 100 fresh ideas to discover. Have fun!

As for the perfect kiddo costume for your daughter/son: How about your little one wears a FIAT-car costume, now that we are the first to sell them in Colorado Springs? ;) We jest (kind of)! Have a great and SAFE Halloween season.

-    Crystal Johnston, Director of Marketing


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