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September 9, 2016
There are many advantages to owning a pickup truck!

The pickup truck is an American cultural icon. It is hard to imagine an important time in recent US history where a pickup wasn’t center stage in the action. As you well know by now, Perkins Motors has been selling them to neighbors in Colorado Springs since 1945.

If you are considering purchasing a (new or used) pickup truck, there is much more to this vehicle than meets the eye. Rather than just being a fun, good looking and enjoyable vehicle to own and drive, the pickup truck actually has some very big advantages over other automobiles.

We hope you enjoy our breakdown on why trucks are great!

The first big advantage to consider is, of course, just how easy it is to transport just about anything with a pickup truck. The larger the bed of the truck, the more stuff you can carry. This makes loading up your bicycle for a ride on one of our great trails in COS easy or your children’s bikes for a trip to Acacia Park incredibly simple. Furthermore, you can also move, help your friends move (maybe not the most fun, but always appreciated), and carry any equipment you may need. This is a main reason that many people prefer to drive pickup trucks. They simply make getting the things done much easier.

You should also know that pickup trucks are often safer than the average car. The body of most trucks is made with strong, tested metal that can keep you extra safe in the event of an accident. The frames that are used in the boxed style of the truck also offer you a great deal of added protection. In addition, most pickup trucks sit higher than other vehicles, allowing you to have a greater view of the road and of the other drivers…Yes, you can actually see the road better! These trucks also fare better in inclement weather, such as heavy snow or hail – and we know a little bit about both of those here in Colorado Springs.

Finally, another advantage of owning a pickup is the fact that most have an incredibly strong and durable engine. They are adjusted to be able to carry even the heaviest of objects, without sacrificing the quality or safety of your cruise across COS, CO or the entire country!

If our team at Perkins can be of assistance as you choose your new vehicle (be it a car or truck), don’t hesitate to reach out to us: 855.832.3986

– Crystal Johnston, Director of Marketing

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