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August 24, 2016
Homemade Ice Cream On Deck!

credit: Eric Washburn
Sitting down on the job takes on a whole new meaning when you’re part of the ice-cream making crew.

For some people, making ice cream from scratch hearkens back to their youth when grandparents made ice cream every Saturday or Sunday during the summer months. For others, the astonishingly creamy and fresh taste of homemade ice cream is a revelation. Like the incomparable flavor of home grown tomatoes warmed by the summer sun, freshly-made ice cream has a creamy texture that can’t be imitated.

Meet some of the “Crankers” aboard the Schooner Isaac H. Evans.


Ice cream is actually relatively simple to make requiring only cream, sugar, ice, salt and a lot of activity! Once the 4 essential ingredients have been properly prepared, the fun really begins. That’s when galley crews enlist guests to help with cranking the ice cream and turning it from soupy sweetness into the fresh delicacy that is home made ice cream. Of course, everyone either already has or develops their own special technique of cranking the ice cream maker so that it comes out "just so."

Says Captain Linda of the Heritage, “Just about every trip we make ice cream, usually vanilla but we have successfully made peach, coffee, mocha and one time even pineapple. It’s a group effort to make it with 'crankers' and 'sitters'and always with lots of laughter and fun! We used to serve it with the whole gambit of toppings: hot fudge sauce, chocolate bits, butterscotch bits, heath bar bits, coconut, walnuts, almonds, even maple syrup. Now, we serve it with hot fudge cake. Some people just have cake, others just ice cream, some have both and some even have seconds!”

Whether you like plain vanilla, mocha, mixed berry or chocolate, here are some recipes from 5 different galleys in the fleet. For more breakfast, lunch & dinner recipes, visit our Galley webpage where you’ll find an index of delicious dishes from the whole fleet.

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