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August 24, 2016
Amazing Artisanal Food Opportunities in Maine

Robert Indianaís iconic ďEATĒ sign atop Rocklandís Farnsworth Art Museum.

Maine has staked its claim at the forefront of a culinary renaissance. The state has been written up as a foodieís dream destination in publications ranging from the New York Times to the online giant The Huffington Post to the Travel Channel. Even the renowned food reviewer Zagat agrees that Maine is worth a visit for anyone seriously interested in food. Of course, extraordinary dining experiences require extraordinary ingredients.

Thatís why large numbers of people here have devoted their careers to creating top-of-the-line foodstuffs for their customers - everything from gourmet chocolates to artisan olive oils, small-batches of hand-crafted spirits and hand-made breads.

And, while Mainers still love their lobsters, wild blueberries and Needhams, they are also learning to embrace pear and champagne truffles, corn and bacon fritters with horseradish sauce, and blueberry moonshine.

Between Portland and Eastport, thereís an abundance of foodie adventures waiting to be discovered. For example, in Portland, itís possible to spend an afternoon sipping small batch spirits, taking Food Tours, and discovering the Maine Beer Trail or maybe even a wine tour. Love oysters? Check out the Maine Oyster Trail. In Rockland, Fiore artisan olive oils will knock your socks off, and throughout the state, itís possible to pick your own strawberries in Spring, blueberries in Summer and apples in the Fall.

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