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August 24, 2016
Feast Your Eyes

credit: Schooner Lewis R. French
Kelsey grills up some kebobs and "red hots" during the Schooner Lewis R. French's beachside picnic.

Did you know we have a Pinterest Board just for food? Check out our Schooner Feasts Board to see or pin some favorites!

Whitefoot Farm heirloom tomatoes aboard Schooner Stephen Taber.


Fresh, homemade bread is an everyday thing on Angelique.

Lots of great new food shots here! Tag your shots with #ThisIsWindjamming and be part of an active and growing group of followers!

credit: Erin Schmal
Dinner aboard Angelique: Pan-seared halibut, rice cake, shaved asparagus tossed with lemon vinaigrette, seared radishes and a citrus bourblanc sauce.Yum!


The Maine Windjammer Association has maintained a page for years, but did you also know that most of our members have pages, too?

credit: Erin Schmal
Grilled peaches and blueberry caviar aboard Windjammer Angelique.


For quick bites, visit the MWA’s Twitter feed and you’ll be sure to see some amazing food posts and photos!


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