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July 27, 2016
Once in a lifetime? Try Fourteen Times!

credit: Tanya M. McGray Bormet
Whether it’s your first time sailing or your 15th, Capt. Brenda, owner of Schooner Isaac H. Evans, tries to keep every cruise interesting for every guest.


Maybe it’s as Captain Brenda of the Isaac H. Evans suggests: passengers who sail again are much more than customers. She says, “I think the people who sail over and over have found a sense of community and belonging. These people are becoming friends and I even visit with some of them in the off-season. I have people in Alaska who send Christmas gifts to my kids and that’s something I don’t think a lot of business owners get from their customers! I don’t think of them as passengers, they are guests first and foremost but they often turn into friends.

“Also, I make a big effort to keep it interesting. We don’t follow a script or an agenda and every trip is different. I do pay particular attention if I do have repeat passengers… try to make sure we explore different anchorages. I always look at my logbook to make sure I’m creating a new experience every time. And I always ask my guests, is there a particular place you’d like to see? If there is, we make every effort to get there.”

credit: Margaret Hanley
With 14 windjammer trips under her belt, Renee McCooey keeps coming back! One of the things she appreciates most about sailing on the Stephen Taber is the captain and crew. “They are truly in love with the ship and love sharing her with all on board.”

Having sailed fourteen times themselves, Renee McCooey explains why she and her husband James keep coming back. “There is such a uniqueness about sailing in the Penobscot Bay. We refer to the area as our ‘Down East Caribbean’. I never get tired of that moment when we set sail and hoist the sails! It is our way of disconnecting from our busy lives. You can be social with other passengers, find a cozy spot to read a book or just relax. All you have to be is ‘yourself’. There is such a peace about being on the water.

“Of course, there’s the stark beauty of the countless islands, quaint harbors with small villages and thousand anchorages. I remember the first sunset we enjoyed. The sunset made the colors of the lobster buoys look electric!

“We have sailed the Stephen Taber for the past 11 years and the Captain takes pride in his menu! The chef uses only local, fresh food. And each meal seems magical when cooked on the wood burning stove and oven. And, you NEVER go to sleep hungry!

“We have met so many wonderful people throughout our years of sailing on the Taber! They come from all over the world! I love seeing the trip through the eyes of new passengers! It's funny how the ‘quiet’ new passengers become the most fun loving passengers by the end of the week.”

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