July 27, 2016
Race & Parade Recap!

credit: Meg Maiden
Last-minute banter amongst schooner captains before the Le Mans start.

Congratulations to Schooners Olad, Victory Chimes, Ladona and Mary Day for winning their respective classes in the 2016 Great Schooner Race! With cloudy skies and a 10-knot breeze from the north, 15 schooners raced a roughly 23-mile course from Gilkey Harbor to Rockland.

credit: Fred LeBlanc
With upwind, broad reach and downwind legs for everyone, the 40th annual Great Schooner Race included more than 20 miles of zigzagging around Penobscot Bay.

For the first time in GSR history, the Race Committee instituted a Le mans start for all participantsócaptains had to run down the dock, jump into their tenders and row out to their awaiting schooners. Videographer Ben Kellerís short clip definitely captured the excitement of the eventócheck it out! A 16-minute compilation video by Doug and David Mills is also available online.

Also new this year, all of the windjammer cooks baked amazing cakes, cookies and other dainties for the first-ever Great Schooner Sweets Dessert Buffet that was set up ashore at the Sail, Power & Steam Museum. Rock City Coffee and music by Playiní Possum capped the day!

Lighthouse Parade

Under perfect blue skies, lots of spectators and photographers gathered at the end of the Breakwater to watch the Parade. Check out Andre Albertís website, Jim Duganís Photo Album on FB and John Williamís Photo Gallery on Flickr to see some amazing professional photos. Special thanks to Capt. Jim and Meg Sharp, from the Sail, Power & Steam Museum, who were perched in the Lighthouse tower with a PA system announcing each vessel and its history as it passed the Breakwater.

credit: John Williams
Guests aboard Schooner Isaac H. Evans interact with spectators on the Breakwater during the Windjammer Parade.
credit: John Williams
At the helm of the Schooner Stephen Taber, Captain Noah Barnes with his son Oscar at his side give a wave as they sail past the Lighthouse.
credit: Andre Albert
Schooner Victory Chimes makes a pass at the annual Windjammer Parade.
credit: John Williams
With her distinctive tanbark sails, Angelique sails past the Rockland Breakwater.

For more information about all of the 2016 gatherings of the fleet, click here.

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