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July 20, 2016
How to Simplify Your Family’s Morning Routine
Get up and out the door with less stress in the mornings

Many American households are home to contained hurricanes every morning, as children rush to get ready for school, adults try to prepare for work and supervise the kids and everyone tries to get out the door on time.

Take a look at these simple tips to help everything run smoothly and make mornings that little bit calmer.

Start preparing the night before

Many times, things you put off until the morning can easily be accomplished the night before. recommends performing as many tasks as possible in advance to keep morning rushing to a minimum. If there are limited bathrooms in your home, decide who can bathe in the evening to reduce the amount of people that need an extended time in the bathroom. It also helps to pack purses and backpacks the night before, so the whole family doesn’t run late because someone misplaced their homework and a house-wide manhunt is needed to find it, or because you had to find a pen at the last minute to sign a test or permission slip.

Get up and get moving

Multiple sources recommend you stop hitting the snooze button if you want to experience a better morning. If you truly have trouble waking up, move the alarm clock somewhere in the room that you have to actually get out of bed to reach. Once you are up, stay up and start your day. recommends a morning soundtrack to help you keep time while getting ready, as well. A regular playlist will help gauge the time without having to look at a clock. For example, after a while you will know that you have to be out of the shower by the third song.

Plan breakfasts ahead of time

If your household eats freshly prepared food in the mornings, recommends treating your breakfast the way a school treats lunch for streamlined prep time. Instead of preparing scrambled eggs, cereal, waffles and muffins for the same meal, it is much easier to say that Monday’s breakfast is eggs; Tuesday’s breakfast is cereal; and so on. If time is truly a hot commodity, perhaps it’s best to shift your family over to cold breakfasts that can be prepared the night before.

Think of lunch at dinner

Leftovers make great lunches, and they are easy to pack if you plan ahead. Instead of putting all of the extra pasta in one container, portion it out into lunch-sized servings in separate containers so that in the mornings you only have to reach in and grab the container before heading out of the door.

Put away the technology

Mornings go much more smoothly without distractions, so commit to putting phones, tablets and books away until you are ready to go. You can cast a quick glance at the phone in the morning to make sure there are no missed calls of unexpected school cancellations, but don’t get wrapped up in a news site because you’re “checking the weather.” You can always see the weather the day before, and catch up on your reading later.

Keep everything in the same place

A good morning routine is nothing if you have to constantly run around the house to find your purse, your keys, your reading glasses or whatever else you need to start the day. recommends that you pick one place, whether it’s a spot on the counter or in an organized caddy, where everything is ready to go (and make sure to return everything in the evening to prepare for the following day).

These are just a few simple tips to make any morning easier. Hopefully they will help everyone in your household get out the door with significantly less stress.

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