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July 20, 2016
Best Apps to Help Your Child Succeed in School
Five apps for improving your student’s performance in the classroom and beyond

Today’s education system is quite different from what it was 10 to 20 years ago.

With the availability of free and affordable educational apps for smartphones and tablets alike, it is even easier for students to learn in the classroom and outside of it. If your child has their own smartphone or tablet computer, or if they borrow yours to do schoolwork, consider the following five apps for helping them excel in their academic endeavors.


Perfect for people of all ages, Lumosity offers a unique brand of daily “brain training” through dozens of different games built around creating cognitive potency. Games focus on skills including speed, attention, flexibility, language and problem solving, and most are fun enough that even young children will be completely engaged as they go for the high score. The app is available for free for iOS and Android in a limited form, but full access is unlocked with additional paid options. If you want to try your hand at sharpening your senses, the $99.95 annual plan provides access for up to five members. To learn more, visit


Flashcards are one of the oldest and most effective tricks to absorbing information for both short-term test-taking and long-term retention. Quizlet has allowed more than one million students and teachers to create their own customized flash cards for countless different subjects. Whether your first grader is having trouble remembering vocabulary or your high schooler needs to memorize the state capitals for a big midterm, Quizlet makes it easier. To learn more, visit

Graphing Calculator

Getting an expensive graphic calculator is one of the necessities of learning math in high school, and while most schools may offer affordable rentals, it creates the potential risk that your student may lose it and you will ultimately have to pay for a new one. Since your student is far more likely to be attached to their phone, consider Appcylon’s GraphCalc app, available for iOS and Windows Phone. The app, which Time Magazine selected as one of its 10 best back-to-school apps for the iPhone, is $1.99 to purchase, but it provides complete access to a fully intuitive graphing calculator capable of solving complex equations. To learn more, visit


The transition from elementary school to middle school can be an overwhelming one with a greater emphasis on individualized disciplines and different periods to account for. This is where an app like Studious, available for free on the Google Play store, comes in handy. Studious was featured on MSNBC as an essential app for college students, but its easy-to-use interface, automatic phone silencing feature and note-taking abilities make it a must-get for middle schoolers and high schoolers as well. To download the app, visit

The English language can be an intimidating thing to tackle for students of all ages, but the app seeks to make new words just a bit easier to understand. This free app, available on the App Store, Amazon AppStore and Google Play, provides definitions for more than 2 million words and has a Word of the Day feature to help your student expand their vocabulary. What’s more, the app offers offline search functionality, meaning that your student can use the app even if they have their phone on airplane mode during school hours. To learn more, visit

Try one or all of these apps to help strengthen your student’s resolve, encourage learning beyond the classroom and see results when the first batch of grades rolls in.

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