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July 11, 2016
Motor City MOPAR Car Show, Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, 100 mile run in Scotland, oh my! Perkins recap of a fun June!

As many people in the Pikes Peak region know, since 1945 Perkins Motors has specialized in selling reliable and state of the art MOPAR vehicles to our neighbors. We LOVE what we do and it is always our pleasure to to combine great customer service, state of the art vehicles, and trusted pricing options to our customers.

However, selling is not ALL that motivates our team. We believe in supporting our community, and in the month of June our teams had a blast with a few fun events and are taking a moment to recap said events for you!

Motor City MOPAR Car Show at Perkins Motors. On June 18th, Perkins hosted our first annual car show and we even snuck in an absolutely beautiful new Viper into the mix. In partnership with the USO, we invited/hosted 75+ of the finest MOPAR cars and their owners from Southern Colorado together in one place. The event was free and took place on our campus in Motor City, and we were excited to host over 200 of our neighbors who had a great time!

Attendees were thrilled to be able to peruse these fantastic cars, but also to spend time with the owners to ask questions! (Year, make, model, how the cars were restored, and more). There were many great comments such as “Our family can’t wait to come next year” and “What a great free event that enabled us to see the rich history of MOPAR, up close and personal”. This led us to decide that we will host the event again next year!  

Our local media also enjoyed the event.  We worked with Fox21 for two live TV interviews the morning before the car show in order to invite the public to the free event; check out one of the interviews here! We also hosted KKTV the day of the event and they were able to showcase all the fun happening during the car show!

Keep your eyes on our website and social media channels for information regarding next year’s car show. We have some fun additions in the works, along with a few great new surprises. Thank you to everyone who came out to the show. If you were there and have some ideas on how you think we should expand the car show, feel free to email me here:

It was our pleasure to also participate in The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb on June 26th. Our team had a blast at Fan Fest, as we were able to meet many new friends while also showcasing some of our cars. A big congratulations to Romain Dumas who won the race! We can’t wait for next year’s race!

We went international in June… that is right…international. I had the pleasure of joining the team from Springs Rescue Mission as they embarked on a truly inspirational trip to Glasgow, Scotland, where one of their volunteers, Tim Gore, ran The West Highland Way Race. The race itself is one of the most challenging in the world as it challenges runners to trek 95 miles across part of one of the most beautiful countryside(s) in the world.

However, Tim took it one notch further. He added an additional 7 miles to his run so that he could start from the footsteps of the Glasgow Mission, which is the world’s first mission. He did this to pay tribute to those across the world who support people experiencing homelessness, but also as a fundraiser to help Springs Rescue Mission build its new 150-bed year round shelter. Perkins Motors had the pleasure of being a sponsor and donated over $10,000 to the cause. Tim, like a true hero, completed the race in 30-hours and not only made us proud, but we were also in awe of his stamina and ability to keep his mission top of mind so he would ensure a strong finish. We aren’t sure exactly how much money was raised (tallying still in process) but we do know, if you are inspired by Tim, you can still donate here!

Not only did Tim inspire people from across Colorado Springs, but he was also a hit with local, national and international news. The Glasgow Herald wrote a lovely piece about Tim…check it out by clicking here! In addition, our friends at Fox21 created two segments about Tim’s run, which also included interviews with his daughter and me! Neither Tim’s daughter, nor I, are as strong of runners as Tim, but it was our sincere pleasure to pace him during parts of the run….wow, was I tired. Fox21 also made a very nice recap piece once Tim finished. Not to be outdone, the Associated Press of Colorado ensured the news of this amazing event went national to around 100 newspapers!

There is nothing quite like supporting good causes, hosting friends for fun events, and earning your trust day in and day out by providing the best vehicles, service options and body shop work. We sure had a great month of June and look forward to sharing even more items with you soon.

Onwards! – Crystal Johnston, Director of Marketing.


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