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June 17, 2016
5 Places to Beat the Summer Heat in Colorado
Stay cool at these five destinations in the Centennial State

Colorado is a year-round outdoor playground for those who want to explore nature in all its glory.

During the summer months, however, the weather can feel a little warm, making Coloradans look for places to cool off while enjoying the lazier months of the year. This summer, head to some of these refreshing attractions and take a break from the blazing heat.

Water World

As the name suggests, Denverís Water World is the ideal place to escape on a scorching summerís day. The park offers a variety of attractions for visitors of all ages, from rafting on the Gunnison or Eagle Rivers to the Voyage to the Center of the Earth, which offers a glimpse back to a time when dinosaurs ruled the earth, all from the comfort of a raft. There are multiple food and drink options, and the park also offers an all-you-can-eat day-long dining pass. Information on park hours and entrance fees can be found at

Blue Mesa Reservoir

Located in western Colorado near the town of Gunnison, Blue Mesa Reservoir is a hotspot for Coloradans looking to escape the heat of the summer. The reservoir is stocked with a variety of fish species, including lake trout, making it a popular destination for fishing enthusiasts year-round. Those who prefer something a little more lively can take advantage of the lakeís recreation, which includes boating, sailing, wind surfing and water skiing. There are also a number of beaches along the shoreline, including Bay of Chickens, Dry Creek and Old Highway 50 beach. Plan your trip at

Medano Creek

Families looking for an exciting day trip should check out Medano Creek, which is located within the boundaries of Great Sand Dunes National Park in Mosca. The creek is perfect for a wide variety of activities, such as surfing, wading, paddling, floating, swimming and skimboarding. As the parkís name suggests, there is also an abundance of sand where big and small kids alike can build sand castles or sculptures. Learn more about Medano Creek at

Pagosa Hot Springs

Taking a dip in warm water on a hot summerís day might seem like a strange idea, but it can be surprisingly refreshing. This summer, take a trip to the Hot Springs in Pagosa Springs and enjoy the waterís high mineral content. The Springs themselves are located on three spas that use the wateróthe Springs Resort, the Healing Waters Resort and Spa and the Overlook Mineral Springs Spa.

These three spas feature naturally-heated pools for the whole family, menís and womenís indoor hot baths and rooftop pools. A trip to Pagosa Springs can make for a memorable family vacation, or a much-needed weekend away from the kids. Head to to start planning your trip.

Grand Lake

As Coloradoís largest natural lake, Grand Lake attracts visitors of all ages and interests during the summer. The lakeís namesake town is considered the western gateway to the Rocky Mountain National Park. The lake itself is surrounded by pine trees and hills, making it an idyllic getaway destination from the heat of the summer. Attractions here include hiking, boating, fishing, biking or even riding an ATV. The town of Grand Lake also offers an attractive boardwalk with plenty of unique shops and restaurants. Learn more about this destination at

The state of Colorado offers plenty of places to escape the heat this summer. Head to one of the aforementioned destinations for a summer vacation to remember.

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