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June 6, 2016
Sun Ė oh we have so much beautiful sun in Southern Colorado - but does it impact your vehicle at all?

Wow, there is no way around it. We are so very lucky here in Southern Colorado when it comes to amazing sunshine. Some say we get almost 310 days of good sun each year in Colorado Springs. Outside of our weird 2016 where so many of our friends here at Perkins sounded like kiddos singing Barneyís song, Mr. Sun, we are pretty lucky, overall, when it comes to the illumination from our favorite star.

Millions of people in the USA (Hello Seattle) would do just about anything to have the sunís support like we receive. However, with the many sunny days we experience comes potential damage to your car with over exposure. Not all of us are able to keep our vehicles in enclosed spaces during the summer months and so we thought some tips on sun exposure would benefit our friends.

As you know, vehicle paint, just like your skin, is not immune to the damage that can be caused by the sunís UV rays. You can protect the paint of your vehicle from premature fading or oxidation caused by the harsh elements of the sun by following the proper maintenance regimen.

These tips could help safeguard not just your car paint, but also its rubberized trim and its headlights (yeah, things we donít think of too often for the most part). If you know how to keep your car looking like new, you will not just sustain its appeal, but also help shield it from the sunís harmful rays.

Here are three things you can do to perform some damage control to your car paint:

1. Bathe your car as often as you can.
Believe it or not, you are not the only one who needs a bath (not my best joke of all time, but you get the point of it). If you feel like taking a shower after being subjected to a dayís worth of dirt and grime, just imagine how your car must feel after taking you to the places you went to, such as the top of Pikes Peak Ė not much shade there. Justin Chambers of Fox21ís morning show, most mornings, will let you know when to and not to wash your car. They broadcast each morning from 5-9AM; FYI.

So, wash and cleanse your car of all the dirt, dust and grime it was subjected to while helping you get around COS. A bucket paired with a car cleaning product and soft mitt made of cotton will let you give your car a good old cleaning. Oh, make sure that you do this under a shade or else you will be subjecting your car to another dose of unnecessary sunlight.

2. Dry your vehicle!!!!
Never EVER skip this part. Do not make a habit of driving your car immediately after a wash, without bothering to dry it out. This wonít do your carís looks any good. Instead, take time to dry your car with a cloth or a cotton rag so that you can keep your car paint from being damaged by mineral residues that usually form during water evaporation.  That combined with harsh sun is no fun for your vehicle.

3. Your car needs polishing, too, so treat it to some waxing Ė it will thank you!
There is no better way to keep your car looking like brand new all the time than waxing. This wonít only protect your car paint from any natural and chemical pollutants, but it can also help in preventing damage caused by the ultraviolet radiation of the sun. Plus, waxing will also safeguard your carís paint from pit damage, as the sheen caused by the wax will keep grit and dirt from sticking to your car. Failure to wax your car can cause irreparable harm to its paint job.

Direct sunlight can scorch off your vehicleís paint just as heat from your engine can stress the color on your hood. Despite all the elements that can affect the beauty of your paint, you can still maintain its beautiful look with washing, thorough drying and waxing.

However, nothing in life is 100% avoidable. So, if you find your paint fading or become damaged from the sun or something else, remember our auto body shop is a 30,000 square foot, 100% controlled environment facility that weíve had open since 1957. All the work we do comes complete with a 100% lifetime warranty and each year the shop helps over 3,000 vehicle owners. And yes, we specialize in paint damage.

Have a great summer and donít forget to attend to your close & pricey friend, AKA your vehicle!

-Crystal Johnston, Director of Marketing


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