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June 6, 2016
Summer driving weather is here!
Is your car filled with emergency items, just in case?

Yay! It seems here in Colorado Springs that the snow is FINALLY gone, along with the gloomy skies, whipping cold winds and perhaps even the inconveniences of hail. That can only mean one thing: many of us will jump into our cars to explore the wonders our lovely state has to offer.

Many will travel to the mountains. Many will also visit a lake or three. Some of us will visit national parks, the great sand dunes or many of the other dreamy locations only Colorado has to offer. With all that fun and adventure at our footsteps, it is key to take a step back, pre-adventure time, and remember safety too!

Most of us know to have our oil changed, replace the wipers, and have the tires inspected; three items we can quickly do for you at Perkins Motors, if that can be of service to you and your family.

However, often in times of emergency, it is not the state of your vehicle, but what you keep inside it that can save you from increased headaches. You don’t want to find yourself 50 miles from the nearest city with no emergency supplies if your vehicle stops operating.

Here is a checklist of items the team at Perkins recommends you keep in your car all the time, but ESPECIALLY if you are hitting the road and plan to be deep into Colorado’s magical wilderness!

Summer Emergency Car Kit

  • Clear plastic bin (this way you can put all the stuff in this check list in one place and it won’t rattle around every time you take a turn on Highway 24)
  • Water – One gallon, plus one bottle per person. With the dry climate and hot sun, it is important to have drinks close by (especially at high elevations, keeping hydrated is key, especially if you are roadside potentially for a few hours waiting on help).
  • Snacks – Energy bars and dried fruit are great ideas because they last long and offer the body quick fuel.
  • Sunscreen and/or hats or BOTH! If you are going to be outside of your car waiting on a tow truck, it is very good to keep the sun off of you – this especially goes for the kids.
  • Emergency blanket – Can be used for shade and warmth if needed.
  • First aid kit - In a situation where your car may slide off the road, you will want band aids, aspirin, and perhaps some instant ice packs too.
  • Flashlight or headlamp - As we all know, Colorado gets DARK at night. Lovely, but dark. It is a great way to wave down another car to assist you.
  • Pocket knife/multi-tool - You never know when you might need to cut some rope or have an immediate need for a screwdriver.
  • Flares – Again, it gets very dark in our state in the summer nights and you want folks to be able to see you as they drive down back roads that are not well lit.
  • Jumper cables – Key for any vehicle any time of year.
  • A can of fix a flat - This way, if you have a flat tire you can quickly do a repair and then drive to the nearest service station to buy a replacement.
  • Maps or an atlas! - Old school, we know, but what if you don’t break down but get lost and your phone has no reception!?!
  • Duct tape – Universally known to fix most issues ;)
  • Rags and paper towels -You never know if you will get oil on you or other vehicle fluids. It’s good to be able to wipe up easily.
  • Gloves - If you break down and decide to tinker with your vehicle, don’t do it without gloves, as there are many small/sharp items all throughout a vehicle.
  • GAMES! - If you have your kids and break down, it may be good to have a few games to keep everyone a little calm. UNO is one of our personal favorites!
  • Candle - Our nights can be very cold once the sun goes down over the mountains. A candle, especially if your vehicle’s battery goes, can be a good source of heat inside your car if you break down at night. This tip comes from our friends in New England who keep candles in their cars all year round in case they break down in freezing weather.

We hope this check list is of use to you. There are few things better in the USA than traveling across Colorado in the summer! But if something goes wrong, it is always good to be prepared.

-Crystal Johnston, Director of Marketing


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