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April 21, 2016
Specialty Cruises: When Passions Collide!

This year, the captains of the Maine Windjammer Association are offering a number of specialty cruises that are sure to appeal to guests with a passion.

Jim Dugan will lead the Mary Day’s annual Photography Cruise on June 26-July 2. This 6-day trip also includes Audubon naturalists Mike and Margi Shannon who will share their knowledge of and enthusiasm for mega and micro fauna and flora.

Schooner Mary Day is welcoming guests aboard during their annual photography cruises to learn tips, share stories and talk about the business of photography. Aspiring photographers can hone their skills as they sail past some of the 3,000 mostly uninhabited islands that dot the sapphire waters of Penobscot Bay.

Fringed with emerald spruce trees, these islands provide endless opportunities to capture images of bald eagles on the hunt, tawny deer poking through bushes and seals sunning themselves on ledges. By the end of the cruise, guests’ photography portfolios will include images of traditional sailing vessels both underway and at anchor, quaint New England villages and new friends lounging on deck or cracking open lobsters during a beachside lobster bake.

Since 1999, Captain Brenda has offered at least one Knitting Cruise a season aboard Schooner Isaac H. Evans. This year’s 4-day trip takes place September 6-10.

Guests aboard Isaac H. Evans can find cruises that cater to knitters, pirates or young families. What better way to finish a craft project than with a group of fellow-knitters aboard an historic vessel? By the same token, what better way to spend a week with kids than dressed as pirates hunting for treasure? That’s a cruise sure to please multiple generations who will enjoy the best balance of time together and time apart. Kids are welcome to help raise sails, row smaller boats and plot a course.

Schooners Ladona and Stephen Taber will host three music cruises in 2016. Here the Charlie Nobles headline an acoustic set from the deck of the Stephen Taber during the Schooner Gam.

Meanwhile, the Stephen Taber has three music trips on the schedule. Captains Noah and J.R. of the Stephen Taber and the Ladona spend all winter rehearsing and then welcome guests to sail with both Stephen Taber and Ladona in tandem as they explore, pick and sing their way through the island-dotted waterways of Penobscot Bay. They call their band the “Charlie Nobles” and take their music seriously. “This is not a pass-out-the-music-sheets for ‘Rise Up Singing’ situation,” explains Captain Noah. “This is for real music lovers.”

There’s no better way to celebrate passion—be it music, photography or knitting—than by combining these hobbies with fabulous days sailing along Penobscot Bay aboard a traditional sailing vessel.

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