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April 21, 2016
Off-Season Projects

After a 20-week sailing season, traditional wooden boats need a lot of TLC – that’s why captains spend a large chunk of their off-time taking care of these historic vessels, making sure they’re ship shape and ready to go when summer rolls around again.

credit: Shary Fellows
After a month in the shop, Captain John and crewmembers Thom Young and Justin Shaefer were glad to finish preparing the American Eagle seineboat for another season.

For example, Captain John of the American Eagle and his crew have painted and varnished everything that was taken off the schooner last fall from hatches to skylights, boats, oars, picnic boxes, and even some spars. That’s taken several gallons of spar varnish and a thousand hours of work before the real outfitting starts in earnest.

courtesy: Schooner Heritage
Captain Doug and Sam spent days refastening, varnishing and painting New Meadows, the one-person rowboat that accompanies Schooner Heritage all season long. 

Captains Linda and Doug Lee of the Heritage have already replaced their yawl boat engine and have sanded and varnished all the small boats. They’ve ordered new sails that will be made from special Oceanus cloth that Nathaniel Wilson created for the USS Constitution – the same cloth used for the Charles W. Morgan in Mystic, Victory Chimes, Shenandoah and Lewis R. French. In addition to caring for Heritage, the Lees recently enjoyed a drive down to Daytona for the Daytona 500 in their Excalibur “Elegant.”

credit: Captain Dennis Gallant
A new mainsail is in the works for Angelique, hand-made by Gambel and Hunter Sailmakers.

Angelique Captain Dennis and his wife, Candace, have given the rowboat a major overhaul, painted bilges and ordered a new mainsail from sailmaker Grant Gambel of Gambel and Hunter Sailmakers. They also enjoyed two weeks of sailing in Florida – a former crewmember welcomed them aboard in the Florida Keys where they sailed and enjoyed the water and sun. When he’s not working on the boat, Captain Dennis enjoys winter surfing here in Maine. He clads himself in 6mm wetsuit with booties and a hood and braves the elements to catch (an almost frozen!) wave.

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